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They are genetically mutated animals that conform to the body whan sat upon. They also vibrate and massage based on your state of emotions. say your depressed, they sense the chemicals coming out of your body by the pores and so on, then they react accordingly. They are extremely low on the thought level. they have very basic instincts. Usually though they are very lovable creatures and can last a long time, they only get better by the age you have used them. Learn more on Chairdogs in the Pandora trilogy and whipping star trilogy. Also the later Dune novels talk about them a bit more.

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lol of course it does. it talks about the sounds of pleasure it releases when somebody sits on it. they dont think or feel in a human sense, but they are similar to pets in the fact that they do have basic BASIC emotions. So they do feel good or feel bad. basic feelings.

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