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LOL! It's even better though, when you actually have permission and support from your teacher. Not to mention access to the closet full of chemicals. :D

Here's one to try: Get some corn starch (flour also works). Put it on a piece of paper, then roll it up into a tube, so that blowing into one end will cause the powder to shoot out the other end very quickly. Now, blow the cornstarch out of the tube through a bunsen burner (make sure no one is anywhere near where the corn starch will fly out). Not only is this fun (you'll know whether it worked or not ;)), but you will also have demonstrated how increasing surface area can increase the rate of a chemical reaction.

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If you swallow a tablet of potassium, it reacts with HCl in your stomach, and you explode, as the reaction also ignites any hydrogen produced in the reaction.

The moral is... don't eat too many bananas!

instant combustion phenomena? :)

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lol damn but they are so good. wow that is weird. where do you guys get this info?

Well, It's stuff you learn in any chemistry school class. Once you know the basics, you can pretty much figure out what goes "boom" (i.e. Sodium, Potassium .. Francium, etc), and what goes "..." (i.e. noble gasses).

[edit] Fixed some typos.

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