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Cryo Alive! Yup!! DG will be there, a little late...


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Posting that in Gaming and DG's boad.... :)

source: http://www.overgame.com/page/19678.htm

free translation:


Cryo's coming from far away. The Commerce court of Paris had pronounced octobre 1st the liquidation of Cryo Interractive. The parisian editor was ordered to continue his activities for 15 days. Something exceptionnal, that kind of threatement normally given only to mega societies

That time gave a new opportunity to evaluate a new offer to take-back the comoany, as other had been refused before.

The retaker is a canadian "holding" (written in english in the text), created especially for that occasion. His founder is Richard Wah Kan, ex-president of Dream Catcher, american part of Cryo. Richard Wah Kan preserve his place a Director of Dream Catcher, and get the direction of Cryo in the same time. As stated in the term of the "comeback" of cryo, all the employee still in the company should preserve their job, except for Jean Martial Lefranc, persident of Cryo, who quited his functions.


the rest tell that the strategies of the comopany aren't told still, EVERY GAME PLANNED WILL BE RELEASED, a little late.

So, hope isn't good for DG eh? :)

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oh so, hes still in charege of Dream Cather too? cool

I liked FH Dune it just left me wanting more other than that I enjoyed the game style... hope they dont fudder up what of DG that has already been done... oh i cant wait for the game... and yeah what about online is it still on the game plan?

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cool! online is cool... just dont like the pay to play catch... :-

but my other question is, those of us that have already signed up for the beta, will Dream Cather use those applications for the beta? or do we have to sign up again somewhere else?

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