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The Thinking Machines after Chapterhouse: Dune *Spoiler*


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In Brian Herbert's House Corrino, when the heighliner goes of course the navigator says that he senses an enemy. In the Butlerian Jihad, the Giedi Prime Omnius sends out bunches of other omnius'. Could this enemy be the thinking machines? Could Brian Herbert be considering a sequel to the original books? In the Butlerian Jihad they're always saying how patient the machines are so it seemed like a possibility to me. Opinions?

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Yes, I think it's the machines. Why? Well:

1. In Dune, we have never encountered any aliens, or any other mighty force in the liking of the machines.

2. Why would Brian and Anderson else write the Butlerian Jihad? They said they needed some ground to write Final Dune on.

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I deliberately made that a bit cryptic. You won't know who/what they are unless you've read the prequels.

[hide] Hidden text (I hope): Seurat was a robot captain last seen drifting into space. Hecate was a cymek who simply left and hasn't been seen since.

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