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UW war spin off....er...fan fic? er....expanded...?


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EDIT: Recently updated with new content. - GH


Well if any of you reamber my goriest posts in the uw war. you have to reamber Ryan Sharpie and the the little escapade in the coleny with the Alien things. I have decided....via sheer boardem to expand that little section of mine. You can post comments but plese donnt let this topic deverge into nonsese. this is not a war thread only I can continue the story....Here goes launching in 5....4... ready...stedy...go!(This wont be great so dont critize the spelling or grammer its just a first draft.


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Second Draft. Not realy and spelling or grammer fixes just some small things that i wanted to touch up. Also awaiting comments.

*Chapter One* Draft two.

Lock And load.

A ear peircing shreek filled the mind of sleeping Ryan Sharpie. Awakining him from his troubled sleep. The Red emergency lights flickered. Casting a red glow on the purple bed cover. It was a general alert to all Security and military personel.

Ryan Sat up. Another drill? He asked himself. that makes three in four days.

He stood up and streched. It was probebly a drill. No need to hurry. His Identifaction card dangled around against his well sculpeted chest. "Corpral Sharpie Ryan K. 564-123-1213 Blood type AB-" it read.

"Whats going on honey?" A grogey voice escaped the covers.

"Another drill honey."

"Another one? Thats the third one in four days. Can't they give it a rest?" Sharon asked.

"Well with the recent Kiaki clan agre..."

The overhead anouncer interupted him before the sentece could be finished.

"This is not a drill. All personal Report to there stations. I repeat all personal report to there stations. This is not a drill."

Ryan scrambled to find his gear. Grabing his Uniform and quickly stepping into the full body lightweight uniform.

Sharon was dumbfounded. "Why would the Kiaki want to atack us? Were just a middle of no whare colony in egpyt"

"Its probebly nothing. A scouting mech, but you know how the admins are about security. If it is something though. I want you to get on the escape craft and get to the surface." The door opened automaticly when Ryan neared it.

"Be carefull." She said blankly.

"I will. Its nothing, dont worry. I love you."

"Love you too." The door slammed shut behind him.

The coridor filled with the sounds of security and military personal running in mass pandamonia towards their rally points. The security siren still blaring overhead. Its volume had incressed it was nearly deafining. The red lights continuing to flash overhead.

He joined the caos. Heading towards Marine station 113. two decks below.

He reached the first stairway. Marines and station personal equiped with there weaponry and equipment and weapons were heading up towards the main airlocks. The others continued down.

In the back of his head Ryan had still belived this a drill. A much complicated and dangerous one, but it had been done before. This belif was shattered. The entire underwater coleny shook with termendous force. Ryan had to stedy himself on the hand rail from falling complety down the stairs.

That shattered not only Ryans but the rest of the personal they had a look of shock and horror in there eyes. Barely able to comprehend that the colony was under atack. The stood there froze.

A second impact destroyed this frozen daze. The personal continued. Nearly running the flights of stairs.

Ryan reached the security door leading into his companys muntions lockers and rally point. He swiped his magnetic key through the lock, then typing in the 6 digit combination. . 7-5-3-1-8-3. The door contracted to a small circulur poll before falling into the floor. The rest of his company had already arived..

The flashing emergency lights and the defening siren died away as the door shut behind him.

"What took ya soo long?" Privit Jenkins asked in a strong scotish accent.

"Got caught up in pack of confused people. Speaking of which. Whats going on?" Ryan asked opening his munitions locker.

"Well from what the bridge tells us. Some ships have begain latching on and burning there way through the hull." LT. King replyed fasting some "High cuncussion. Low damage" gernades on his belt.

"Kiaki?" Ryan asked slipping the bullet resitent vest over his head.

"Probebly not. Kiaki use the Air locks. No body burns through the hull. Any more. To time consuming." Corperal O'Neil replyed standing ready by the door.

Ryan decided quikly. Whatever it was. It was better to be safe than sorry. He put a second Bullet resitent vest on. Only adding a few ounces to his body weight. He grabed his weapon of choice K-Bar C131 Assult rifil. With 7.62 milli meter rounds. They could be armor peircing or inciderary. He grabed two armor peircing clips two incindery clips, and four regular clips. Puting them in the uniformes belt. He grabed the basic small calibur 30 shot side arm and rapped its holster around his belt. tightning it untill it fit snug around him. He atached 4 gernades to the belt also. 2 high explosive, 1 high radition low damage and cuncussion, and one low cuncussion high yeild explosive. He grabed the beret and quickly put it on.

He looked back. The rest of his company were waiting for him.

"Bout bloddy time." Jenkins remarked.

Ryan ignored the comment.Inserted a regular clip and checked to see if the saftey was on his rifil.

"Lock and load ladies." LT. King said openning the door. Gunfire could be heard in the distence

They set off....

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(OOC. No twin head this is not. Keep the comments comming though plese. I am very critical of myself...except when it comes to spelling...)

Chapter Two. Draft One.

The corridors were empty by the time the the company had left. It was eariley empty. No stray personal or civilans. Just the deafining cry from the siren and the wirling red emergency lights.

The marines were heading towards section 113 corridor eight. They were going to rendavu with Beta and Charlie company. The coloney intercom spat out a combonation of military statistics,commands, and civil commands.

 Bascily dribble."Orange team to sector eight." Each company had its own battle launage. hand signels,code,locations, commands. Alowing the bridge to issue orders on battle launage with out fear of enemy knowledge.

 Ryan Swallowed hard. He had never seen battle. Or a Kiaki. Egpytion coloney 197 was in the middle of no whare. A fish and agricultural coloney it had no strategic value.Thats why he chose it. A nice place to settle down. To start a family. He had thought about being a fish farmer when his 4 year tour was over.

"Hey if its not the Kiaki who is it then?" Shizumi asked," My money is on the confederacy they been begging for a fight since they sighned the non agression pact with the Kiaki."

"It aint the frelling confederacy you idiot. Even if it was, why would they wana launch a atack on a un importent coloney 10,000 clicks away." Jen awsered the only female in company K.

The chatter ended with the rattle of near by semi automatic gun fire.

 Ryans heart hit the dirt. All his doubts and fears suddenly flodded across his mind. Why didn't I ask Sharon to marry me? Why didn't I just become a fish farmer like my fatther wanted me to be? But noooooooo I had to go join the marines and "See the world in all its splender." He mentally slapped himself for falling for the recruitment posters.

 The corridor was coming from a adjacent corridor. It was closer now. It drowned out the sirens.

LT. King raised his hand, Index and ring fingure jutting out. Company K launage for "Hit the wall and shut ya trap." The did so with out question.

 King pointed at Ore. Then to his own eye. Ore fumbled with his belt clumbsilly. Droping a ammo clip on the ceramic floor. He ignored it. grabing a small six inch fiberoptic cable. He tossed the cable to King. He bent the cable to fit around the corner. He pushed the viewing end into up to his eye. Holding the cable a inch into the corridor. He stood there stareing down the corridor of screems and weapons fire.

 Aparently satisfied he the cable back to Ore. Then with three fingers pointing towards the corridor he gave them his orders.

More screems drifted down the corridor muffled by semi automatic and automatic weapons fire. Company K checked there rifils dissengaging safties and with a not from King. Atached their 7' bayonets.

 This struck Ryan as a little odd. Why were they ataching bayonets? They never atached bayonets. They only used them for show and for....A sudden relization stuck him.....and for a Kiaki bonzi charge. So it was the Kiaki clan after all.

He looked at the rest of his comerades. Only Jen had seemed to relize it as well. She half grined at him.

 King dashed down the corridor. The rest of the company fallowed quickly one at a time. Creating a V formation with LT. King in the front. Ryan was the last one he was on the left side of the V. Oppiste him was Privit Ore.

Horror and shock hit Ryan like the tides hit a surface coloney.

 There were bodies....The charred bubbling remains of a security team. The modies melted into bubling black pools. Ryan faintly reambered. The screems ending before they had diss engaged the safety. The security Team had been wiped out. They haddn't melted he noticed. There 10 in a security team. He could only count 5 pools. What happend to the other bodies?

This was no Kiaki atack. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

The Corridor was hardly the place for a fire fight. About 20 feet wide and 15 feet high and 60 feet long. It had no cover at all. It was a maintence passway. No rooms to enter or doorways to hide in.

 Two things apeared at the end of the corridor. both around seven feet tall. Looking like chunks of yellow flesh quikly sewn together. Both of them bipeds. No eyes were visible. In place of arms were tentical like whips covered in a black liqued.

 The whole company opened up with a barage of rounds. They impacted createing small geisers of black blood.

The creatures neither cried out or fell onto the ground.They simply Charged. There tentical arms whipping in the air. They closed the 40 foot gap in what seemed half a second. The bullets of no concern to them.

Beeds of sweat ran down ryans forhead. jesus crist what dose it take to bring one of these things down?

They stoped there charge 10 feet frrom the company. Absorbing the barrage of death with ut most ease.

"Every body switch to incinderary she.." King was struck mid sentence. His body flying down the corridor. Disolving in air.

The team drew back trying to flee far enough for some gernades.

The emergency lights died out. The entire coloney was bathed in a complete layer of darkness.

A cry escaped .Shizomi.

The rifil flashes caotic light.

He was gone his spot was filled with one of those creatures.

Ryan reloaded. Trying to peper the area whare the creature had been.

Another Screem. Another team mate down.

Another and another.

"Fall back! everybody back to the muntions point! Fall back!"

Ryan screemed running.

He had lost orientation during the firefight. He had no idea whare he was running. He just ran. Ran like he had never ran before.

 The rattle of automatic weapons fire stoped almost instanly. Screems ear reching screems. Filled the air. Terror filled him. Terror colder than and he had ever felt in his entire life. Everything was gone. His mind was on one thing. Getting the frell outa there. More screems filled the air. Begs of mercy and for mother. He ran down a semingly never ending turn of corridors. Bursts of gunfire died out and reapeared. The screems never died. The screems of woman,Childeren. His rifil dangled on its shoulder strap. His breath came in shallow gasps.

He felt his feet hit something. His body flew through the air and darkness consumed him

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(ok once again ignor spelling and grammer...i dont know if this will all fit into one post its 15 kb. comment plese)

*Chapter 3*


 The slow repeating twirl of the ciruculation fan brought him back to liqued conciousness. He was laying in bed, Sharon lay next to him loudly snoring, as she often did. Keeping him awake for many hours into the night.

 The soft bed collapsing whare he lay. So often had he been here. She would snore, wake him up, he would launch a tactical retreat onto the couch and rest for the night. It had been a comfortable rutine.

He rolled over his hand falling off the matress and striking the frame, but it wasnt the frame was it? The sound was different. A sort of echo. That just felt out of place. It felt diferent too. Cool and flat it almost like the corridor floor.

Almost like the corridor floor...

 The soft bed suddenly turned to semi warm corridor floor. Heated by his body tempature.

 He opened his eyes. There was no change in the contrast of the room. Still Pure darkness. The slow twirl of the the fan washed across his neck and hands.

How long have I been here? He asked himself. Why Am I on the floor?

He licked is lips. His throat was parched and dry. His head pounded with pain. He rolled over onto his back. A sharp knife cut through his head at the rapid motions, He lay on his back. His head pounding, Thirsty, and who knew if they had evactuated the coloney.

 Sharpie raised a arm and felt along his head. Almost instantly retracting it after hitting a painfull area. The frontal point of his hairline had aparently taken the brunt of the impact. Not protected by the beret. He aproched it more tentivily. Pressing gently around it. Alot of blood had dried around the area. He traced it down onto his nose and his upper lip. He couldn't actully touch the wound without causing intense pain. His K-Bar lay under his right arm. The strap still around his shoulder

 Ryan fumbled rached down. Searching through the small personal pouch located on the belt. He pulled out a ring. The last momento from a time long ago. When his parents were still alive, when he was nothing was wrong. He rubbed his fingers across its bumpy surface. It contained a acient ring from before the awakening. He couldn't read it, but he had it memorised. "Juliana Koningin Der Neatherlander!" in some ancient lanagauge long forgotten.

 His father had found it long ago when the first war on the Commenwelth. It had been in a watertight box just floating lazily along at 2,000 feet. He found it brought it in and had it caste into a gold ring. He was dead now. Slaughtered by a Commenwelth counter atack on the northern boarders. Another thing that had persuaded Ryan to join the Marines.

 He considered slipping it on. Jewlery had been forbiden by some KYA military bi-law. for the reason of it might glare and atract the atention of the enemy.

Punishment for whareing them was reduce of pay for the month. He slipped it on anyway. Ryan had no idea of if there were any survivers left or if he was all alone.

He sat up. Useing his arms as suport. His head filled with pain as to avenge him for the sudden movement.

 Ryan grabed a hypodermic needle out of his pack. nearly stabing himself. He pullled back his right sleeve puting the the rifil strap around his neck. He was doing this blind. He taped it, getting rid of any air bubles inside. He hated stims. He really did. They took the edge of in battle, sooothed the worst pain, and ripped out any fear. It also could caused instanity, heart atacks, and death if taken to often. When they ment "took the edge out of battle" they meant remove any moral consideration. Frell, there had been reports of people moeing down there whole familes after taking whole dosses. He didn't have much of a choice though. His head was killing him, and he knew he wouldn't be able to travel down the pitchblack black hall ways with out it.

 He pressed the needle into his skin wincing slighty at the needle, He depressed it slightly. Almost instantly he felt relived. His head entirely stoped hurting, His fear was replaced by hatred and anger. He put the strap around his shoulder and stood up. There was no sound. His own breathing and the ambient hum of the circulation fan the only audible sound.

 With a sudden relization he relized he had a light. The dull pain of his head must have veiled his thinking. His ammo belt, he reached in and pulled out a his rifil light. A small compact light with only three hours of light. Its range was only a few meters, but it was still better than nothing. It snaped just underneith the muzzle with a small click.

 Ryan depressed the activation button. The small light was almost blinding at first. His pupils expanded alowing the light in. He was in one of the lower corridors by the look of it. The wall was painted a dark blue meaning he was in the lower mid five levels. Somehow he had gone two levles down, and by the number of stripes over 4 miles.

 The coloneys main frame was isolated into military subgroups only acessible by the rally points and the bridge. Since pass keys only worked on one rally point. In order to gain any information or activate the stations emergecny becon he would have to retrace his panicked steps back to the rally point.

 Ryan scanned the area, sweeping the corridor in a wide arc. He found what he had tripped over a shoe, a simple black shoe.

"A shoe! ha!" The sound of Ryans voice echoed through out the coridor shocking him.

 Fallowing the blue lanes. The narror they became the closer to a staircase. Ryan needed to find a staircase. He had to go up. First up then over. He set off Fallowing the narrorist band of the lane. Total darkness reigned out of two meter range of the flash light. His boots and breath produced the only noise. In a coloney of three hudered thousand, Whare noise was a part of life, the constint sound of people, There converstaions how they were overlaped and ignored, the sound of joy and distress, blending into overlaping layers of sound. Nothing no. Only the sound of himself and the circulitary fan. Earie...even with the stims It felt wrong.

He Begain fallowing the narror of the strips. Holding his rifil in hand in battle ready position. He hadn't heard a screem or the sound of gunfire since he woke up.

Am I the only one left? Did they evac the survivers to Constintine?

Aproching the first staircase he begain to wonder. If I am the only surviver left? Why would they waste a rescue ship on saving one surviver? The stairs were made of steel. Creating the a metalic clink as he walked up the spril staircase. His flash light shining ahead to clear the way. He stoped three steps away from the landing. There was a body...

 Its mouth hung open in shock. Left arm hung over the first step. Its chest was gone. Completly disolved by the acid. He took another step. The dog tags would have completly disolved in the blast. He had never seen a body before. It looked....Just like a dead dog. Expression of shock and horror mixed with a odd sense of calm.

 Sharpie dis-engaged the safety. Whatevever killed this fellow might still be around. He bent down, dog tags were placed in the boots as well around the neck incase of decapitation. He shined the rifil light on it. :M: Philip Steven K Captin #34310978. Ryan clenched it in his hands. The :M: Stood for married. Who ever this poor fellow was.His wife now had to cry about a husband. He tossed it down down the stairs. It bounced with a small metalic clink down the stairs. No use keeping it he decided if i die they tags could be destroyed.

 He steped over the bodie carefull to step over the acid pool in the mans chest cavity. It had stoped bubling, but he didn't want to take any chances. He flashed his light on the near by wall.....

"Oh.......God..." Where the only words Ryan could form. The wall....plastered with the remains of the Captins company. Splats of blood reached the ceiling. The company lie there. Dead. Some luckey enough to die by impact. Others....the others had been torn apart... Some missed arms, Some missed legs, Some missed heads. They all lay there. Quikly thrown together to form a colage of death. Pools of acid rested around them.

A massive growl echoed down the hullway. A massive growl for a blood and destruction. One thing for sure definitly not human.

 So they are still here? Are they? Bring the Yellow sons a bitchs on! The stims were finaly kicking in. The pain had stoped, but the fear had only now begain to whare down. He pressed the "Eject clip" button on his rifil. The half clip full of armor peircing rounds fell to the ground landing in a shallow pool of blood. He loaded his last clip, regular rounds 140 shots.

 The bodies continued to stack up around him as he walked on. Lining the hullways on all sides somtimes stacted three high on top of each other.

Sharpie was filled with a sense of hatred deeper than he had ever felt. Even deeper than he had felt for the Commenwelth after the death of his parents.

Who would do such a thing? Not even the Babylonians are this vial. Maybe it is the confederacy...Maybe they have finally done it. Finished there BIO Warrior reasearch and launched a atack with them...Whatever they are. If any one of em gets near me... I'll blow there frelling heads off. He thought fully patted his rifil. Gota get going though...Only got 2 hours of light and 3 miles to go..If i keep going at this pace. I wont make it there in time...I better watch out for the yellow basterds...Cant aford to get in a prolonged fire fight with those things.

 He begain running. Ignoring the semingly never ending bodies that seemed to escourt him down the corridors. He climbed the next staircase. And begain fallowing the purple lines to the nearest one. Something moved just outside of the range of light. He couldn't tell if it was human or not...He just saw movement. Or had he? It had been outside of the light so how had he seen it? Was he just imagining things? Were the stims side effects afttecting him? He kept going. Slower. The corridors were much wider on this level. Used for industrial goods. His light couldn't fully reach one wall of the corridor from the other.

 The bodies looked different....They were diferent than the ones on the lowel levels...These ones hadn't been thrown together as easily. Limbs still cluttered around the corridor, and the bodies themselvs. There were almost no acid secreations on the bodies. They looked like the flesh had been....Clawed away.. Many throats had been slit open. Others had simply been torn to peices...Whatever atacked these people.It wasnt the same things he faught before. There Where more civialns this deck then the others. He had tried to check ammo from the dead...Almost all of them were completly out.

 Something screeched behind him. He whipped around 180*. It was definitly near by. He wasn't imagining anything. Something in him told him to sidestep to the right. Call it instinct, Or a gut feeling. He stepd to the right. Something Wipped past his head. Ryans turned shining the light on the creature, And pulling the triger.

 Crack! crack! crack! The rifil shells exploded out of the muzzle impacting the creature in mid air. It spinned as it landed. Sliding across the ceramic floor and impacting a row of bodies against the wall. It was just inside the range of light. Ryan pulled the trigger. Shells raced out and impacted along it, its bodie cracked open. A ear peircing shriek escaped it.

 Ryan took a step towards it. It was about twice the size of a wolf. Its frontal legs were about the size of his fists, but shaped like the talons of a bird. It had one five inch claw jutting out of its left talon. It had the snout of a dog and the bodie of one to. Its yellow flesh was cracked open along the side of its bodie. Bits of intestine and stomic lay explosed to the air.

He could hear more growls echoing through the corridors. His flash light reflected off the hides of five of the dog creatures. There mouths open,saliva dripping anticipating the kill.

 Sharpie back pedeld . Holding the rifil at level with the creatures. Waiting for them to make the first move. One pounced leaping towards Sharpie talons exteded, red eyes glisting with passion. Sharpie fired the bullets pepering the creatures muzzle. The force nocking it backwords. It landed with a dull thud. Strugling to get back onto its feet.

 Its comerades charged. Sharpie turned and ran. The fear cutting through the stims potent power and striking him like a high explosive. He could hear there talons click against the floor faster and faster. Closeing in on him with incredible speed. His left arm fell off the rifil reaching across to grab his side arm. He ripped it out of the holster dissengaging the safety and bending his arm back. He fired wild His arm jutting back from the violent kick back.

 Their talons clicking in rapid succesion. Screeching Battle cries Focussed on one thought "Kill". They charged with turmendus energy.

Sharpie begain to notice the caracasses of the creatures more and more. He wasn't the only one who had taken some of these pupies down. A quick glance on the corridor strips. He was withen 20 meters of the final staircase. He heard a yelp of horror from behind him. One of the shots had found its mark.

 A defint creature stood gaurding the staircase. A look of pride and defience covered the creatures muzzle. As if to say "Your escapad has ended. You shall pay the price for your crimes."

 Left arm moved in a rapid movement. A singil shot raced out, impacting the creature directly between its firey eyes. The creatures muzzle arched up at the impact. Sharpie pulled the trigger again. A simple click, Its cartridge emptied. Sharpie hurled the empty weapon at the creature striking it. Left arm freed from pistol duty braced the left side of the rifil. Sliding to a stop infront of the stairs he raced up . The creatures talons clicking against the steel staircase behind him. Sharpie turned, pepering the stairs behind him. Left hand droped and pulled out a "high explosive low cuncussion" gernade, pulling the pin he tossed it five steps ahead of him. Hoping to hit the creatures directly. If the rally point was heaven, the top of the staircase were the gates of St. Peter.

 The staircase ended seemlessly linking to the cermanic surface of the floor. A explosion rippled behind him. The sound nearly deafing. One of the creatures flew by sharpie impacting the wall at high speeds.

 The rifil light blinked, and went dead. Sharpie tapped it with his hand, the light flickered on, casting half its original power. His rifil fired a burst towards the staircase. "How ya like them fish ya yellow sons a bitchs? HA!" Ryan exlaimed.

 The light flickered, but remained on. Ryan reached the rally point with no sighn of the creatures behind him, Swiping his key card through the panal a sharp pain shot through his back. A slicing pain down the center of his back.

"AHHHHH!" Ryan screemed in horror.

 Another sharp pain across his back pushing him apon the hard floor. He rolled to his right a sudden sharp pain blinding him. The creature landed whare he had been a second before. The rifil pressed against its temple. Ryan's hand despressd the trigger. The creature rolled onto his side, Dead, a large gaping hole in his head.

 Ryan stood up. The wound in his back nearly forcing him back down. He typed in his six diget security code. The door flooded into itself and fell into the floor alowing him in.........

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The lights offerd a vauge feeling of confort and appreciation as they flickerd and grew bright. Temperaly blinding him. He raised a hand giving his pupils time to adjust.

The Rally and Stock room was small. Lockers lined the walls with security key locks in place of conventional locks.

On the right side of the room whare a small empty space between the lockers stand a Computer termanil. 19' Inch moniter with Key board and mouse resting on a small tray protuding from the wall.

He grimiced at a sharp pain as he walk towards the opisit wall. Another door stand there. The enterence to the R.R.C.

He droped his weapons on the bench that protuded from the bottem of the lockers.

The pain was begining to kick in severaly now. He wanted to sit down

to sleep let his bodies natural healing system begin its work.

He had no time though. The coloney could be set on self destruct, or there could be other surviers.

He stood infront of the door, and repeated his name

"Corpral Sharpie Ryan K. 564-123-1213 Blood type AB."

The computers female voice replyed.

"Confirmed. Enterece into the Rapid rejuvination chamber is permited."

The door slip upword. Sharpie entered the small doorway.

The R.R.J was a small Testube like room. The walls were a green plastic substence. Tubes and scanners coverd it.

The computer's voice rejoined Sharpie in the room.

"Plese stand still. Scanning process will determin injuries and treatments. Plese stand still."

A red line begin tracing his body from feet to head. Scanning through his body armor. The scaner could compare his curent state with the most recent scan from his doctor, and use that to plan the apropriate treatment.

The scan ended at the end of his hair folicals.

"Estimate for healing procedure 61 minutes and 17 seconds. Deceted injuries, Open 11' wound acorss the back, unknow bacterial material, infection has begain. Torn ligments in right theigh. Exustion and dehydration. Please grab the Mask and breath deeply counting back from 100. A liqued will begin filling the chamber from the floor. Do not be alerted." The computers voice ended.

Sharpie noticed it didnt say anything about his cloths. Protozoens in the liqued would eat them away.He grabed the mask. and fastened it with the strap over his mouth. Looking down he sighted a yellowish liqued begining to rapidily rise.

He took a deep breath and begain counting......100........99........98.....97....96....95....

and the darkness consumed him.


More soon...... :)

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Ryans eyes opened in sudden surprise.

The computers voice filled the small chamber.


Sharpie Felt better, His back was nearly completly healed, he felt a thousand times better than he did entering, even if the computer hadn't finished the job. He felt alot better.

He was naked, the protozones ate through his flesh as well as cleaned his body of bacteria and infection.

The liqued that had filled the chamber was nearly empty, the green soup like liqued stood knee deep, aparently it decreesed as the process neared completion.

He removed the breathing aparatis.

Dam.He thought. Can't these things just leave me the hell alone for once?

The computer continued repeating the messege. "EMEREGENCY ALERT..."

Sharpie pressed door release. The pea soup like liqued rushed into the room.

Sharpie could hear now, something slamming against the door. The door could hold against a armor peircing rocket, but for some reason

The door was benting in word, Something slammed against the door in a loud frightning "THUD" like noise. Sharpie was quick to act grabing his aussault rifil and checking the safty he aimed still naked at the door. The thuding came more frequently, the door actully begain bending further inword, now about 4 inchs inword.

Certinly the door will hold. He thought to himself.

He backed away from the door, rifil still aimed incase one of those things broke threw. The rallly rooms lights begain to flicker as each impact increesed in intencity.

He raced over the rally points "HWFEO" locker. About 4 times as long and three times as tall as a two standerd suply lockers, it held Prototype Bio Armor, capabul of spreading impact over a wide area and healing itslef, or something. He handt paid much atention at the breifing.

He typed in the emergency security code his hands quickly racing over the key pad. His head temperarly turned away from the quickly colapsing door.

His mind raced with fear and terror, anything able to get threw that door could easily take the punishment of his rifil...

His huried fingers pressed the wrong combonation. he had to start once more. Sweat begain forming on his forhead, he pressed a number looked over his shoulder the thing was nearly breaking through.

his hand slipped and presse eight insted of four.

He had to star over again.

The fear was consuming him, part of him wanted to run into the healing chamber and hope for the best. He really wanted to flee, to reach safty even tempory. A large roaring sound filled the chamber. Sharpie typed in the last confrimation number, the locker door fell open, and the creature broke through the rally room doors nocking out the lights with it......

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Working on it...the next chapter is going to be lonnnnnng..

Here is a little tease.

"FIRE in the hole!" Ryan screemed tossing a gernade into the charging creatures.

The sounds of gun fire were deafening 4 assult rifils fireing on full auto and the bang of a combat shotgun.

"GET SOME GET SOME GET SOME!" Ed screemed his weapon spewing out death unto the charging enemies...

"Holy shit there behind us!" Parker yelled turning and firing.

"Theres to many of them!" We cant hold!" Jean screemed.

"Like hell we wont-" But the deafening roar of a gernade going off cut him off. Three creatures were thrown towards them from the explosion. two were killed instantly.

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  • 2 months later...

first draft, Chapter...6? Haven't even spell checked it yet lol.

The door burst in and Ryan grabbed his weapon from the bench he couldn't enter the correct code his fingers were to shaky.

Three dozen of the creatures raced towards him. Coming with such force that they knocked down a row of lockers which slammed next to Ryan in a audible slam.

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