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UW war spin off....er...fan fic? er....expanded...?


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Ryan turned the corner and pulled the trigger, the rounds spilling out in a rapid fashion, his own battle cry echoed above it.

The thing was caught off guard, the rounds slamming into its chest blowing bits of acidy flesh into the air.

 The marine could track the rounds as rapid lines racing towards the creature. The rounds fired slowly the gun making a very loud boom.... boom.... boom...boom as each shell raced out.

 It let out a defiant growl as the rounds slammed into its flesh. The infrared display showed a growing amount of heat in its arms as it raised them towards Ryan.

"Oh hell." Ryan murmured to himself and dove to the grounds.

A wave of glowing heat paced over his head on the infrared, still total darkness on the un aided eye.

 He got to a knee and pushed himself up and back peddled as rapidly as he could still firing, the weapons kick was limited and allowed him to aim on the run.

 The Creature let out a cry of victory as it sent another wave of acid racing towards Sharpie spinning as it went through air. Ryan saw the face of death as it raced towards him.

 He turned the corner before the round could land and slammed a new clip in. Incendiary rounds. That

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I know this story is quite old, and I'm sure you all forgot about it. But I decided to re write it, Beat a dead horse if you will. Hehe, Hopefully not. Here is the first revised chapter of

Outpost Rigle.

Chapter Ein

The fire crackled in front of the old man, bits of protowood drifting skyward, being carried with the smoke. The man rustled slightly his old age restricting his movement. A hand full of children sat around the fire to, and several teens, gazing into the bright light.

One of the Children spoke, breaking the silence. It was Behrouzie She was nearly a teen, she was tall for her age. And Kol could tell she would be quite attractive as the years went on. If the wars didn't take her that is.

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Chapter Zwei.

Kol flipped through the pages of the comedy, he had bought it a few days ago, but hadn't had a chance to sit down and read it with the harvest. The old man sat upon his chair and enjoyed himself. The memories of the past distant and unneeded drifted back into his mind.

Two gentle knocks sounded against his door. Kol grunted and sat the book down.

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