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KYA/Setara War: Rebirth


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(OOC: Oops, I'm dangerous when worried.)

The KYA Ship was not a No-Ship and was soon detected by the Setara Defensive Forces.

It was stopped, as it was expected already, after the probes were sent to survey for other factions. Soon after it was stopped and scanned it was revealed that the crew was infected with a virus. Admiral Killdeer thought it was an attempt of biological warfare, but ruled that out because the Setara had the cure from when they had harbored the Tleilaxu.

Within the hour Tara was aboard the ship along with a dozen bodyguards.

"It has been a long time since we have seen the forces of KYA," she says.

"We were sent to ask for aid after we discovered the probe in our space," says the KYA Officer," we have been infected by a plague. KYA is dieing..."

Tara considered this for a moment,"Before I came aboard we analyzed the virus. We've come across it before, it is of Tleilaxu origin, and we have a cure."

"Would you please give it to us? We would pay anything for it..."

"When our Great Houses last met, it was a conference to end a war. We shall give you the cure, in hopes for peace."

So the KYA ship was given the cure. Then it returned to the KYA Homeworld.

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George looked down the street. Dead cluttered everywhare. dead dogs,dead rats, and dead people. Laying on the street in pain for there last few moments on KYA. Or already dead. The smell was unbearable the putrent smell of the dead. of the living. it was nearly unbearable. He walked on. unsure of why he even tried. His cloths were dirty and rotten covered in the vomit of others and of himself. His lips chapped from thrist. his throat begging for mostiure.

There was none however none in the entire city. or country for that matter. The main dam slowing the river had burst after the enginners death. The water abosbed into the deserert sand quickly.

He new it didnt matter though. the disease shut down the kydnies. water wouldnt do any good.

He was dead and he knew it.

He looked down the road at the gaurd post. KYA gaurds whareing gas masks holding assault rifils bent on stoping any one from leaving the city.

He stumbled told them unawhare of the storm clouds growing above him. Paying no mind to the growing moistere of the air. He tried to think of his family before they died. Brian such a good boy. one of the first to get the virus. He tried to reamber him as a baby only the image of his decaying flesh rotting in his bead filled his mind. The stench of the dead around him reminded him of his own son . He kept walking. Unawhare of the beeds of moisture that fell down on the 30 million KYA citizens inhabiting the city. Rain that had not fallen on the desert city for nearly a millina. He insted tried to think of his wife. Her beutiful blood hair and brown eyes. The way she played with Brian. A near by explosion awoke him from his daze.

Wait it wasnt a explosion it was the thunders clasp of thunder. He looked up. The sky was was a billowing black cloud blocking the sunlight. Bolts of lighting raced down striking buildings and the street.

Was he hulcinating? No he wasn't. It was raining. Maybe this was gods way of showing the people that he cared. that he wouldnt let them die. Then the sickening relization hit him.

This was not devine intervention

It wasnt a seasonal phenomenon.

It was Death.

The pre-effect of a KYA Ion cannon.

He smiled and raised his arms towards the sky.

His adolesence racing infront of his mind,his wife,his son. Then Nothing.

Ta-Mak-To And its 30 million infected inhabites were wiped off the face of KYA Prime.

21% of the entire population killed.

22% infected.

Ship will return next post.

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Admiral Killdeer was walking very stiffly in front of Tara. She could tell he was nervous.

This was her first view of the new Sandworm Research Department. This was a project to hopefully create a new form of artificial spice, even though it was most likely doomed to failure.

Within the several thousand meter long arena full of sand in the center of the complex, was three sandworms, none more than a few dozen meters in length.

She watched as one of the worms surfaced, its tri-mouth opened wide to reveal row after row of glistening teeth. If this project didn't work, she would at least be able to get some good views of sandworms.

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The rubble burned as Johnson quickly flew behind the wall of cement, a reminder of the citys desimation. He put the clip into his Lasgun and ran his hand through his hair feeling prespiration at hour 46. Looking around he saw beams being exchanged by both the revolters and his fellow KYA soldiers. They had started a revolt after the desimation of the city, quickly they orginized and tryed to raid a hospital thinking the cure for the disease was surley in there. Unfortunaly for them it wasn't, the KYA men fought them to keep the people that were recovering from other wounds or sicknesses. He quickly stuck his head around the corner to see the rebels foolishly marching in one line, grabbing his lasgun and quickly taking aim shooting from left to right he cut down 6. Shoots soon started coming in his direction. Quickly he darted around the concrete slab that had been protecting him. Just then a scream as a lasgun beam cut through one of his soldiers fighting ontop of a building, one of the few ones that still had a resembelence of any structure or formation at all. Shoving his clip in his lasgun and taking a deep breath he prepared for more fighting. This day wasn't going to end happily.

(o45 Ex gave me permission to A) Join this thread and B) Join fighting along the KYA side as a soldier )

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The suboid cut down a contaminator with a lasgun as it slowly came towards him.The tleilaxu seemed to have set up a base of operations on the ix homeworld,Draconis I.And now they were invading!However the slippery surface of Draconis slowed the tleilaxu down,and the Ix were more technologicaly advanced.The infaltrators took out large numbers of of tleilaxu at one time.Also,the suboids were practically drones that could fight on days on end.The suboid fired again,this time mowing down a leech.The suboids mind was blank,except for an order.Destroy all Tleilaxu units.


1 Day Later


the invasion had been repelled,the base found,and the tleilaxu wiped off the face of Draconis I.The leader of the Ix Count Harion Richesse,ordered an invasion of the tleilaxu home planet."That will teach them for the treachery they have caused us."Were the words which he said when the first heighliner left for the Tleilaxu homeworld.

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(OOC: Since Ex did this for me...guess bye bye ships.)

The Tleilaxu Living Ship entered sensor range, and was quickly surrounded by the four No-Ships.

Our location couldn't be revealed...not now. The No-Ships fired their lasguns as one and blew it to bits, blood and flesh firing everywhere.

The No Ships returned to orbit of Setara Gamma, unaware that the Tleilaxu had sent a distress call before their deaths.

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(swearing added for realism)

It was a cold day on Aries. The Klobbersauran barracks were covered in frost. The new recruits were nearing the end of their winter training. Sun broke from behind the whispy clouds and the officers, clad in yellow heatsuits shouted orders at the freezing recruits, "Get up, you littlle shit! I had to sleep 4 days on Besate Prime in the polar region with nothing but my uniform and you're shivering from one frosty night! You make me sick! Do you expect to serve your Count on the battlefield? because when i look at you, all i see is dead weight! Give me 60!"

While that unfortunate young soldier was doing pushups, the others were practicing their knife skills. They were getting up to seven lights on their training machines. Other trainees were in the gas chamber building up immunities. Deep within the base, the 3rd year soldiers were being trained in 3rd echo stealth. They were being showed how to assess the situation, and move exactly when another noise occurred, such as a creaky floorboard, or a gust of wind. Different surfaces of their shoes produce different noises as they step. That moth beating it's wings against the window might just be a Klobbersauran commando.

"Men, we just got word from K2 that political tensions and skirmish battles are escalating to the point that widespread war is a distinct possibility"

"Are you saying that-?"

"-That's right. WE'RE GOING TO WAR!"

A storm of hoorahs booms from the crowd.

Back on K2 (klobbersauri secundus) Count Dingis was reading through a proposal. A ship from the Klobbersauran Trade Regulation Commision interecepted a message from a KYA probe, giving coordinates to a scout ship. From that information, a daring young diplomat, Tuecer Saran traveled to the very secretive KYA homeworld and managed to discuss alliance with the KYA. The Klobbersaurans were itching to take a side in this war and all the Count had to do was give his John Hancock.

Dingis signs the document and puts the seal of the Nobility on it.

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Three soldiers remianed, Johnson, Gunner, And Hawk. Gunner And Hawk Were both Tall, Skinny And very strong, Hawk had black hair while Gunner had blonde. They stood in the rubble of the city, pieces of what once were surronded them in a cloud of memorys. "This city is of no importance anymore, there is a base about 150 miles away, we will try to reach the safty of it and get out of this hellhole." Hawk and Gunner just mearly nodded as they started walking North to the base. Fortunaly their weapons were new along with their uniforms, after the rebels were killed off by consistent gun fire the duo had looked around and discovered a underground armory, full with weapons, medicine, food and uniforms. They quickly grabbed all these and walked out into the desert, desolite black street. Johnson just shook this off as they now entered a forest, the forest whicth ended the boundries of the city. Johnson quickly glared back at the city, smoke hung above the hellhole, sections of buildings stood, supported by seemisly nothing, bodys were left there to rot, innocent people that didn't deserve to die. "Are you coming man?" Gunners vioce cut through his train of thought and he suddenly returned to reality "Huh? Oh uh yeah I'm coming". Gunner waved his hand as a non verbal sign 'this way'. Johnson turned around and walked into the crowded green forest, never to return to the city.

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(come on people, don't let this thread die!)

Meanwhile the Jarith industry is involved in questionable activities- building of androids, human shaped robots.

Despite continuing protests by the people, scientists claim that this is not a violation of the Butlerian Jihad because the androids can't think for themselves.

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An explosion sounded as a infeltrator exploded in the group of contaminators as they slapped sludge onto the infeltrator in vain.The war was going well;a quarter of the planet had been taken,except that the leeches were a large problem.But it seemed the Guild wasn't too happy about this.But the Ix knew.Oh,they had known ever since the expieriments had started between the Guild and The Tleilaxu.They would get the Guild afterwords.

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Operation Spice Memorandum

Re: Sandworm Expansion

To: All Involved in Project

From: Admiral Killdeer, Director

You all may have noticed the expansion of the sandworms on Setara Gamma. Recently a civilian thoper went down in a newly formed desert area and was swallowed whole. We are attempting to do what we can to keep this information from the general public, but it is only a matter of time before the story breaks. When it does, I recommend martial law in order to prevent civil war.

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Tara looked down upon those in the square below. Thousands of protestors were attempting to storm the Palace in protest of the spice creation. They were here to depose her.

She tapped the intercom switch so the whole city could hear her," As of this moment, I am declaring a State of Emergency, and Martial Law. I am ordering any groups larger than four to disperse within ten minutes."

Ten minutes passed and the gates were beginning to strain under the assault of the protestors. She didn't want to give an order to slaughter civilians, but decided she must do so herself.

Slowly she boarded an assault thopter and brought the lasguns online. The thopter lifted into the air on suspensors and floated above the crowd, which was throwing objects at it. Slowly she acquired the ground around the edges of the crowd as a target.

She fired the lasguns mercilessly, carving a twelve foot deep and wide canyon around the entire crowd so they could not move from their positions, or they would plummet to their deaths. Then she switched to rapide fire mode for the lasguns, and slaughtered them all, having the sight burned into her mind forever.

Then she landed the thopter and began to walk numbly back to the throne room.

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The trio walked down a mud path through the dense forest. Looking around one could only see tall trees reaching through the sky with the vegitation scattered ontop. Bushes were scattered throughout the ground, hard to be seen by all the pine needles on the ground. The night shimmered down upon water puddles scattered about from a recent rain. " We should set up for the night there " Gunner pionted at a small area where there was no trees and enough room to set-up camp. They soon set-up the pale colored tent and went out hunting to gather some food, what they were about to find made them want to never have gone hunting......

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Details about the current android model.

The androids entire structure is basicly inspired by human atonomy. Because hydraulic systems or electric engines are to slow and crude to reasonably imitate human agility and strenght, the android uses fiber based mechanics similar to human muscles. However, these can be damaged easily, and a cunning opponent might be able to disable an androids limb by damaging the synthetic muscles.

The Jarith press continues to release both true and untrue stories about the actions of the government. They critisise the leaders for using AI based mechanics and rumours have rissen that the government is planning on using AIs to take over high military positions previously run by humans. The Jarith government denies these rumours.

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Tara looked down at the viewscreens, images of her people rioting, and being put down quickly. Yes...yes...she had a plan.

"Admiral Killdeer," she said," I want the rioters captured, I have a plan for them."

"Yes MiLady," he said kneeling.

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They walked through the forest leaving behind their camp site for a brief time period in attempts to cacth and kill a animal for meat and dinner. Their footstes made crackeling nioses as they stepped upon the pine needles, the trio was laughing about some foolish recruits in the first days of trainings while their lasguns stuck to their chest left unattended. A sudden ripple in a nearby bush grabbed their attention as rebels came out of every direction "RUN I'LL HOLD THEM OFF!" Gunner yelled in a panicked frenzy grabbing his lasgun and firing at all the incoming ambushers, making a hole in the sudden surprise attack. "Gunner we cant leave you be---" "COME ON MAN!" Hawk was tugging at his shirt and they started running away in the open spot of the ambush, running, sweat beckoned down their necks as they continued to run. Johnson looked back still running and saw the shadow of his friend being cut apart by projectile weapons. The thought then hit him as streaks of tears ran down his slim face, Gunner, his life long friend and companion through this hard time.....was dead.......

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The Tleilaxu group wearily trudged through the ice planet Draconis I.They ad been marching for 5 days now,nonstop,and were tired.Suddenly there was a small fizz,and hundreds of tiny lasgun beams cut into the Tleilaxu group.They all scattered and fell in a frenzy.Then,Suboids came out of the shadows,and jarred the remains of the leeches and contaminators.

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This post will be made in hidden text. I do this for an instance of graphic torture. You have been warned to read at your own risk.


Tara leaned over the prisoner. She could see the beads of sweat and blood mixing together on the prisoner's forehead.

He was only in his early thirties, blonde hair, blue eyes, not very muscular, wore thick glasses, wore a now torn flannel shirt, and some ripped denim pants. What could drive someone so puny and pathetic to revolt against the government.

She looked over to her tray of tools with the different implements on it. She wouldn't use them, not yet.

"Now," she said, her voice a sneer of contempt," What could drive someone like you to believe they could damage the government?"

He struggled against his bonds valiantly, but could not free himself from them. Finally he settled for the one thing he knew he could do, he spit in her face.

She let out a feral growl of anger as she wiped away the spit with a nearby towel. She narrowed her eyes and gazed at him with an intensity which could melt solid tritanium.

"I was being nice about this interogation before," hissed Tara through teeth chattering with rage," now, we move on to something more physical."

He watched with panic beginning to gleam in his eyes as he moved his body frantically trying to escape. She raised her hand high and then delivered a small blow, enough to make him see dots dancing before his eyes. She then slapped him once more.

"What was your rebel cell planning to do," demanded Tara, her long brown hair cascading behind her head like a cobra's cowl.

He looked resolute and would not answer, he knew the price of freedom from the government's projects. She moved slowly behind him and dipped in near his face low enough for him to see her cleavage. She breathed lightly against his face and then, moved her hand over one of his.

He began to breathe a sigh of relief, when she moved her hand over his left index finger, and then brought it back quickly, and shattered the bone, a loud snapping sound reverberating along the walls of the chamber.

He was stronger than he looked, as he did not cry out in pain. He was grimmacing, and his teeth were chattering.

The torture continued for several hours, one finger after another until each one had suffered a breaking. She gave him a grim smile, the brown hair framing her head looked less like a cobra's cowl now, and more like the cloak of a demon from the prisoner's worst nightmares.

"You won't tell me what your cell was going to do against the Spice Project are you," she said with a nodding of her head.

"Never," he managed to gasp between spasms of pain.

"Well then," she said her grim smile becoming taciturn and full of sorrow at the same time," on to the vivisection..."


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The ship apeared entered orbit around the atmosphere.

Drifting earitcly.

A small KYA crusier docked with it.

The scanners still deteced a large amout of the virus on it.

A bio team was sent it.

The crew of 49 was found dead.

The cure sitting on the bridge. Onopened. Directions lay near it.

"Cure to conintrated for releas on the ship. Alow ship to burn up in atmosphere. Cure will spread through out planet. Resaults should be imminite."

The bio team left. The crusier detached and a single shot was fired. Sending the ship into the atmoshpere.

The cure was finaly there.

The KYA people were saved.

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(this post will be...gory :). Don't read if you get upset quickly.)

Thomas Gorkov entered the military research department by carefully sneaking past the guard patrols.

Something fishy was going on out here, he thought. If these machines did not actually think think for themselves, then why did the government act so mysteriously? He intended to find out.

Crawling through a ventilation shaft, he hears voices and machinal sounds around the corner. When he looks through a ventilation hole, he is shocked.

In that room, behind a glass wall, lay a human body on an operating table...one of the doctors cut the upper part of the skull of...and took his brain out! Disgusting!

Thomas looked to the other side of the room. Several brains and spines were stored in jars- other victims. On the far right of the room was a not completely assembled android...and technicians were transplanting a brain in the machines head.

Thomas tried to controll himself. He almost had to vomit- but he managed to prevent that.

Right at that moment, his home key falls out of his pocket- it falls on the shaft and makes a clinging sound. Surprised technicians look his way, and start yelling:

There's a spy in the ventilation shaft! Seal the shaft! Alarm security!

Two hours after his capture Thomas sits in a restrainging chair in a cold and steril room. Then a military officer enters the room- a big chief by the looks of it. He starts speaking.

What were you doing here?

I was spying, obviously. You scum are violating the principles of the orange catholic bible!

The bible...it's all so relative. It's a shame that you saw what you saw.

This is disgusting- it's inhumane! How could you do such a thing?

The officers face turned grave and said:

We don't have the knowledge to construct an artificial brain equavalent of a human one. Therefore we require human versions. I assure you, we only use volunteers.

After he said the word "volunteers" the officer grinned.

Such as you. Take him away!

A woman in a white suit approached and injected Thomas with a tranquiliser. Thomas losed conciousness, and thought about what would happen to him when his brain would be used in a machine. That was his very last thought.

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