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Favourite Dune character/s


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Tir is most definatly not like Duncan Idaho.

He is a Nietzschian, which derive the name of there species/race (I'm not sure what to call them, they're genetically modified humans) from the philosopher Frederik Neiztsch (speeled it wrong, I know), whose beleifs go agaisnt all of Idaho's beleifs.

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My favourite personality from Dune is Leto II, the

God Emperor, aka. The Tirand  ;D. I like the depth

of his character and the way everything comes

together at one point in his visions. So as you might

have gessed, the Bene Gesserit and The Guild are

also on my top 5. And mayby even Miles Teg.

I don't have A fovourite character from the first

3 books.  :'(

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