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Chakobsa (was that spelt correctly?)


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I'm BACK! MWA HA HA HA! Sorry, had to get that over with. Hi everyone! I expect your wondering why on earth I wrote Chakobsa and then yelled at you because I'm happy to be back. Well firstly I am VERY happy to be back. And secondly, does anyone know where you can download a font of Chakobsa? I've looked around and all I've found is http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/4965/tazhai.htm

and for some reason although I THINK it's downloadable I can't. Of course if it isn't then that's just silly and could anyone tell me where else I might find Chakobsa please?

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I've workid on Chakbosa, and it seems incredibly similar to arabic. So much so, that I think it is arabic - but I don't know much Arabic.

Goody! How are you getting on? And I think you were right about the site only having the details Gob...

And by the way, if Chakobsa is like Arabic, is that what it looks like or how it is structured?

(I'm SO happy to be back!)

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