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umm, duke, i don't think we are allowed to genetically enhance our bodies. and you are NOT the fiercist. even if you are, the blackface is the strongest.


The shamans open the portal back to their home. the horde travels through and returns to their home. They are preparing war machines to kill the elves.

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(OCC: Leto, you have permission from Earth Nuker to Use Humans if you want to (though you could be the Ogers or something) because he is already in 2-3 other)

Farsanash of the Dark Elves had found a deep dark swampy forest for his people similer to what the caves felt like, they were one away form the edges of the forest. It was a magnificent sight to see a little under a million elves plowing ever so silently under the cover of night and the tall weeds of The Plane OF Fire.




Many of the younger, more impressionable elves where filled with awe. They stopped at the foot of the first gigantic tree, (OOC:Red Woods) and Farsanash yelled:

"Welcome home, welcome to a less dangerous place, where our childern can play without the constant threat of preditors, without the threat of other races knowing of us."

Then they all charged into the forest together ready for anything

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(OCC: TH, I'm ok with you going to your slaughter ;) , but state more than "Little did they know that the orcs started their long march through the forest. They were ready to kill anything in their way" state some reasons why they're going there, you never stated that your Orcs have elf sencerory or elf tracking or something ??? )

Five days after haveing come to the forest, most all elves had many tree houses built high up in the trees, hardly noticeable to the keenest of eyes, sometimes the children would forget what tree their house was in and they would have to just go up to some one else's and wait till their paraents found them.

The master mages had started to summon earth elementals of immense power that where summoned by the one's of the High Council through the Dark Elven magic created for only dark elves. Farsanash had sent scouts out into the forest to investagate all in this mysterous forest.

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(OOC: Ok, its fine with me, but just 1 more, earlier you said they had began their long trek to the forest or something...and well...this forest is quite a distance, many 100s of miles...but maybe I should stop this complaining (don't want to end up with a rep like Naverous ;D ) and learn to type more discriptively before the bods delete this post. Don't want to end up with a rep like Naverous ;D )

The scouts that had been sent out had said all the land behin was marshes, kand there was too much quicksand to risk anything. Other scouts reported a small orc band 7 days journey from here.

Now that the tree houses where complete the elves whent bvack to the duties that they'd usally do, mischife of shorts with nature, and magic.

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