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most boring book

Emperor Harkonnen

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'd personally rate the novels...

1) Dune

2) God Emperor of Dune

3) Dune Messiah

4) Children of Dune

5) Heretics of Dune

6) Chapterhouse: Dune

7) House Atreides

8) House Harkonnen

9) House Corrino

1) The original, the best by definition, and right up there with Tolkien.

2) I *liked* God Emperor. The philosophies Frank interjected notwithstanding, the eerie weirdness of the novel intrigued me, as did the ruminations of the doomed Leto II.

3) Short and grim, many don't like Dune Messiah but I found it very accurately showed the other side to the old adage of "absolute power corrupts absolutely" in portraying the betraying and fall from grace of Paul step by step.

4) Children of Dune (the adventures of Ghanima & Leto II!) was intriguing enough to hold my interest, and Paul's return as "The Preacher" and his true fate seen here sort of brings the Muad'dib thing full circle.

5) The beginning of what could be considered a new story arc (Dune 1-3 was more or less one & Dune 4 was sort of its own), Heretics set into motion the grim tidings that would continue in Chapterhouse: Dune and were intended to culminate in the never-written Dune 7.

6) I have no complaints about Chapterhouse... but, as we now know & have confirmed from what Kevin Anderson & Brian Herbert have told us of Frank's discovered outline & notes for Dune 7, Chapterhouse really *did* end on a climax that, until KA/BH release Dune 7, will never be resolved. It's like watching the season finale of TNG, "The Best of Both Worlds Part I," where Picard turns into a Borg and then never being able to watch the next season's premiere of Part II.

7-9) No one expected to see the rebirth of Frank Herbert with the prequels, but KA/BH did a good job here, faithful enough for my taste. While I found House Atreides a refreshing, exciting return to the Dune universe, I don't know... I just kind of found as I delved through House Harkonnen and House Corrino that they were kind of wearing their material a tad thin. Outlined properly, all the necessary story elements from House Atreides, Harkonnen, and Corrino could have and perhaps should have been compacted into a single novel. Just my opinion.


Hey, here's a question for you guys... if Chani gave birth to Paul's child in the original Dune (the child that died) and named it Leto, wouldn't Leto in Dune Messiah, Children of Dune & God Emperor be Leto III?

- Neo

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