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Dune lanquage


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Only if you want to be sued and spend the rest of your life with garnished paychecks.

Why would they want to sue, is it because subloid-worker mentioned going to a publisher? I might be misunderstanding the ideas that we are discussing but I thought we were talking about the language of the Fremen or the Battle language used by some of the Houses I just don't see someone wanting to sue because a couple of guys use this language on Dune message boards to communicate with each other.

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I think Mahdi ment that if we decided to publish it, we would be infringing the copyright of Dune...Im not a legal person so I have no idea. ???

but i do believe that if we create are own langauage for the dune community then we couldn't be sued...im not sure ill talk to some lawyer friends and find out :D

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