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Harkonnen and Atreides in HH

Emperor Harkonnen

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Yes they're quite good.

But Gunseng's right again: it's not like the original Frank Herbert-styled Dune. It was more complex I think. HA and HH (and late on HC)  was created to answer all the questions about the prequels to Dune. (at least this is what I think ;D )

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Colonel_Worf: and how do you like them? And which do you like better: FH's Dune of the prequels?

el_d00d: I think you should respect people's personal opinion about anything.  ;D(I personally like Dune better than the prequels.) /But don't take this offensive ;)/

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How do I like them? Well, I really like Dune and Children of Dune. Dune Messiah was okay. As for the prequels, I think they are excellent. I read them very quickly, and I will be reading House Corrino when it comes to paperback. And next is the Legends of Dune trilogy. :) I may even buy those in hardcover.

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Heh! I have the 1st 4 Dune books in English HA and HH in Hungarian. The Dune books are normal books but the prequels are hard-covered and the were the same price...  ;)

Yes it's hard to read it in English... (Thorup: where are u from?)

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