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Iron Maiden + Dune


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Hey guys, did any of you know, that Iron Maiden's (my favourite band) bass guitarist (Steve Harris) wrote a song, called 'To Tame a Land' and it's all about Arrakis and the fremen? It's on the 'Piece of Mind' album.

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Indeed. I believe these are the words...

He is the King of all the land

In the Kingdom of the sands

Of a time tomorrow.

He rules the sandworms and the Fremen

In the land amongst the stars

Of an age tomorrow.

He is destined to be a King

He rules over everything

On the land called planet Dune.

Bodywater is your life

Anfd without in you would die

On the desert the planet Dune.

Without a stillsuit you would fry

On the sands so hot and dry

In a world called Arrakis.

It is a land that's rich in spice

The sandriders and the 'mice'

That they call the 'Muad' Dib'.

He is the Kwizatz Haderach.

He is born of Caladan

And will take the Gom Jabbar.

He has the power to forsee

Or to look into the past

He is the ruler of the stars.

The time will come for him

to lay claim his crown,

And then the foe yes

they'll be cut down,

You'll see he'll be the

best that there's been,

Messiah supreme

true leader of men,

And when the time

for judgement's at hand,

Don't fret he's strong

and he'll make a stand,

Against evil the fire

that spreads through the land,

He has the power

to make it all end.

Which is pretty accurate to the book.

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also a DeathMetal Band called Blind Guardian did one called "Traveler In Time" with there album Tales from the Twilight World"

"Traveler In Time"

The Morning Sun of Dune

The Morning Sun of Dune

The holy war's waiting for

The morning sun (3x)

The morning sun of Dune, there's no tomorrow

the apparation of this land and it's dream

makes me feel I've seen it before

I can taste there's life, everywhere you can find

in the desert of my life, I see it again and again

And again, again, again, again

Dark tales has brought the Dijah ( I think they wanted to say Jihad )

like whispering echos in the wind and I'm a million miles from home

Traveler in Time

knowing that there's no rhyme

The morning sun is near first light of dawn is here

the morning sun is near again

The Fremen sing that their kingdom will come

and I'm the leading one battlefields on our crusade

filled with Sardokaurs killing machines crying

in raising fear they're hiding

Where do we go now?

So where is the way?

When I'm a million miles from home

The morning sun I feel

all pain and sorrow the apparation of my words in these days

makes me feel I've told them before all my plans will come true

I'll controll destiny in the desert of my life

I've seen it again and again

By my dreams I must find a way to stop the raging war

I've to choose now, I will leave my body and seek

and time will stand still, when I've to leave

my body and find a way back to the world I love

when I'm a million miles from home

traveller in time

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Hmmm. I think there may be a sort of connection - not as obvious as Iron Maiden's... "Who wants to live forever" (song title) - Leto II? Things like that? (Or it could just be that those people who have read and enjoyed Dune are the sort of people to make up that sort of name)

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some of the band Dune's videos, especially the early ones, seem a bit inspired by the dune novels. the song "who wants to live forever" however is a cover of an older song from Alphaville.

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Bullets with butterfly wings. To me, THAT is the theme song to Dune. Jsut listen to the lyrics... "The world is a vampire, sent to drain... despite all my rage I'm still jsut a rat in a cage...Jesus was an only sson..."etc...

No matter who much I ahte it, that "I loe you, always forever" really seems to fit the "Opening credits" of messiah, with Kryptonite playing as Paul walks down the hall, slowly going blind to Chani's deathbed, and I will remember you during the Alia/Duncan final scene.

Then with Children of Dune "My fathers eyes" always seemed right.

And 52 Pegusus for GEOD.

I know, I'm strange....

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Hmm. I think I heard a song containing Soo-Soo-Sook - by... Bill Collins? Something to that effect.

Edit: NaMp has kindly told me that it is in fact Sussudio, by Phil Collins. Ah, well.

"a conspiracy from the Herbert Limited Partnership to rule over the universe..."

No, it is a conspiracy by the Landsraad!

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