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  1. i think u can make if player will make construction yard will be lose, also you should add artiedes units near turret so player will see where he should go
  2. it works thanks ok played mission 6, ixian was inactive half game till i moved all hark army to his base and he went hostie, it should work diffrent? lol mission 8 after when u are in atriedes base, enemy got reinforcement between ordos and artedes base, and i spent 15 min to micro to win vs them XD i was sure i need make base in ordos base
  3. Ok, i have got still moded dune2000 so i got crash mission 6, in few sec after start
  4. cm_blast I am allways checking this forum and waiting for your new campaign ofc if someelse do, i am playing it also
  5. Yes i stream old games like warcraft 2 dune2000 😜 yeah, to many versions u made and now i dont know which version of your campaign i got
  6. and full speed https://www.twitch.tv/videos/312940357 u can rewatch it 😜
  7. i need to ask in mission 8 i should be able to train engineers? or only troops? anyway i won it with only troops XD
  8. ok, after when i change to play in window mode 2 times dune2000 frozen, needed use alt+ctrl+del to shut down dune :< https://www.twitch.tv/videos/216329070 last 15 sec
  9. i dont know where to answer so i will make here, i was playing full screen windows mode 1366x768 and i got black line at right side https://www.twitch.tv/videos/215927851
  10. yeah its problem, they scout with troops, my troops attack them and all his army going to my base and just do nothing if they kill everything xd
  11. The hardest mission was 11, i played 2 times, 12 was fine i played harder version, i think emperor should attack more, cause he was passive or he attacked only blue
  12. its easy... i just played it on normal: DO NOT UPG FACTROY/YARD make fast as possible 2 ref + 2 har(so u got 4) then start produce combat tank then make wind,ref,wind,ref ( u got 6 har) and still make all the time combat dont use concrete(only winds need it, one per wind) after 4 ref make barrack and start make troopers make another 2 ref and if u need winds also make outpust, starport order carryall, if u need more harv also do it make light factory if u got bank u can make second heavy factroy/light factroy/startport since u DIDNT USE CONCRETE and its easy to destroy produce all the time combat tanks/quads/few raiders/troopers res order in starport start hunt their harv easy
  13. u need find where reinforcements came from and put a few unit in there.. it was easy ;o stop using concerete(only wind need it), why u even got high tech factory, u can order in starport and WHERE ARE TROOPS? since siege tanks are slow they own rest..
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