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Dune books


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Prequels are more the style of Kevin J Anderson than Frank Herbert. Basically, think of all the Star Wars books Anderson has written and how much action is in them compared to dialoge. Baiscally Brian and Kevin use action to tell the story while Frank Herbert used philosophy and dialogue to tell a story. So the prequels are better for more action based people.

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Well, I read the preludes now. They are much better then any sequel. But Dune is ofcourse still the best...

For me it is now:

1. Dune

2. House Atreides

3. House Harkonnen

4. House Corrino

5. Children of Dune

6. God Emperor on Dune

7. Heretics of Dune

8. Dune Chapter House

9. Dune Messiah

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Of the Dune books that I've read so far:

1.Dune Messiah


3.Children Of Dune

Of my favorite books:

1.The Sword of Truth Novels (written by Terry Goodkind)

2.The Lord of the Rings (written by JRR Tolkin)

3.The Dune "Trilogy" (written by Frank Herbert)

(To me it seems like the Dune socity in the books is structured like a medievil socity, and even though I don't read a lot of si-fi, thats why I read them.)

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Bah! stupid fantasy books. I hate em. The only fantasy books I like are the narnia chronicals. Read the 2001 series. Also franks other unknown books. Those are a lot better than the Dune series.

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