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Emperor Harkonnen

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hey don't talk down about the BG, they....well.....erhm....I like them ok ;)

Actually they are my favorit faction in Dune I believe that it's them who saves the humankind from destruction, with alittle help froma Worm

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- SPOILER, God emperor, Herretics, Chapterhouse -

I agree, the BG are one of the best in keeping secrets. [ probbebly together with The Guild and the God Emperor, although the last wasn't affraid to share them in "many" occasions.

The military force of the GB was also one of the last, and greatest real adversary's in the end. Don't know if the combination at the end was really nessesary and couldn't have been avoided. But they did, and where one of the only ones capable of comming to a stand still.

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Leto II must have known where it was, so did it still exist in GEoD?

As leto knew about most everything.

And this was the Planet for collapsed houses wasn't it?

Would this mean that all planet Refugees go there, or just the important people.

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