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Any new Dune content?


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Any new Dune content (especially videogames, and please for the PC)?


I want to see the rise of the House Ordos with the association of House Ix and the Sardaukar.

The last part about Dune that Iike the most was "Emperor: Battle For Dune".

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On one side, I'm happy their not whoring out the IP. I mean they could turn it into a milking cow like call of duty.


And then again, it's to bad it's completely dead right now. I rather they hold back on the movie a while, just because I wouldn't want it to be generic or a money grab essentially.


(God knows I'm pissed with the latest Hitman movie)


I'd love to see an RPG/RTS - or anything expansive on the universe and other houses.




Perhaps we can be lucky and someone will make something very similar. Sort of like Warcraft and Starcraft being blatant copies of the Warhammer and W40K IP's. But the difference being Blizzard is Actually doing something with them. In a year from now we're getting the Warcraft Movie. Games Workshop has only managed to make the Straight to DVD Ultramarines which was awful.




Well have to do with fan stuff (when there is some)

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This community is just too small. I remember when an indi game developer wanted to remake EBfD. But there was almost no interest. And his crew was waaay to small.


There are 2 ingredients needed for something new in the Duniverse.

1. Sufficient skilled manpower to make something.

2. Interest of the community in this.


Another example is War of Assassins. I think this is the most recent game work in the Duniverse. They had plenty of interest at one point. But it took very slow to develop since they have other things to do. Eventually players lost interest. And since there is less interest. They are going even slower.

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I find it funny that people think RTS are rapidly in decline. 2 or 3 years ago, we had a topic about this?


With a finity in numbers, most RTS start looking like each other. So no need to make a new one. All that remains is balancing existing ones. Because the demand has only gone up. (More and more people, play the same RTS, not different ones)

I have noticed an increase in "profesional" documents and forums on the internet about balancing RTS.

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I meant that the number of RTS decrease, but the number of players in total increase. Not that it is just one.


There are 2 relative new genre in the RTS that are luring a lot of players:

- MMO, where you play with 32? 64? others on the same map. Really chaotic games. I believe EA games has 1? But it is not my style, so I didn't play it.

- Planetary, where you play with a normal amount of players just like in C&C and War/Starcraft. But each player has an entire planet to start with. Clearly you need to land somewhere and start building a forwarded base. So that you can reinforce your troops on the planet. (Was it called proxy?). One of the first was Planetary Annihilation. But Etherion seems to be the same in a lot of aspects.

- Online purchasing, well, don't look in shops. Just get the RTS from a website. Buy and then download, and there you have it.

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Hardly any sleep. I can know.

Ogame is an MMO RTS, while the graphics are bad and it isn't even a top down strategy. But only numbers and clocks.

I only played it 3 month's but it started to control my life. (I suicided in the game).

You need to plan everything. And hope that you aren't attacked in your offline time.

It is indeed never ending.

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I really laughed a bit a this. Seriously. Are they going to write an X of Dune book about anything that is remotely possible to fit into this naming pattern? Like, Futars of Dune? Honoured Matres of Dune? Smugglers of Dune? Water-peddlers of Dune? Sardaukar Troopers in Harkonnen Livery of Dune?
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