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[Release] Ordos campaign

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Hey everyone,


After very long time of work I finished a full Ordos campaign (9 missions with in game briefings).


I tested everything and couldn't find any more bugs but if you find some, please let me know and I'll fix it asap.


Oh and any feedback is highly appreciated :)

Ordos campaign.zip

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Hi everyone


This campaign is great. But i also get an error message when starting mission 7 ist says "ERRORBLOXXMAS.r16". Version 1.06 is installed but i have an no-cd fix on it.






First, thank you for playing my campaign :) Hope you like it.


About that error message, I have no idea why you get that. I tested it on version 1.06 and it worked without any problems in 16 bit.

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In the data\bin folder, I see tileatr1.bin to tileatr6.bin, but no tileatr7.bin


But i found it online as part of a mission editor package und copied it to the bin folder. Now the mission runs in 8bit mode. But on Windows 7 you cant't see much in 8bit mode, unless you use the Age of Empieres Trick. In 16bit mode the error continues.

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For some reason when playing your Ordos Campaign with Gruntmods' Dune 2000 there seems to be a bug or glitch with the Spice Blooms.


At random the Spice Bloom just disappears, and after a bit, it starts all over again, collecting Spice.


Any idea what this is? Do I have to manually shoot the Spice Blooms, or?




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