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How about a in-game strat planning window were you can give diferent groups waypoints and orders like wait at a waypoint for a certain event. Then after you gave everyone their seperate orders you just say 'execute all' an all the groups go and do what you told them.


That new film 'Gone in sixty seconds' didn't go down so well here in SouthAfrica. Here they do it in ten seconds!!!

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We try to make the units more diverse to give each of them a strategical advantage. Ofcourse there will probably be normal tanks, but we won't just copy all the units strait from D2k. We also plan to make the Fremen more important and most of all interesting :)

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Helloooooooooo, I'm back on-line :), well sorta, at University that is. These machines are pants here but they'll do the job ;D.

Good to see that the project is still coming along nicely :), keep up the good work!

Glad that your concentrating on the Fremen as in Dune 2/2000, they were kinda left out a lot. Pity as these (along with the Atreides) are the main houses.

Just a matter of interest, who's involved in the project? I'd like to help out :), if you'll give me a chance, hopefully you will :).

Also about credits and stuff, are you going to put everyone who helped with ideas and stuff on there or just the people who worked on the game?

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