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  1. ravenwing


    But guys why all this violence? Why don't we make a love game instead of a war game? For example a game where little fluffy rabbits have to collect a lot of colourful flowers, whit happyness and joy! :)
  2. ravenwing


    Hey guys what about makin' the game like fremen vs. evil alien teletubbies, he? immagine running over a dozen of teletubbies with a big big tank...
  3. ravenwing

    space wars

    ...Nice, but on my computer it runs really slow, less than 2 fps... so actually i couldn't actually play it.
  4. You cannot conquer the world in one day...
  5. Yep i agree they could have taken richese... but PKDew is right no use talkin about it... let's close the topic... Let's see what arrakis2k will be... :):)
  6. Well... they seem to be very proud of theire own immagination... So here we go again with ordos... at least they built in some subhouses... let's see what comes next. :( hope fremen get more importance than usual (but if u saw the preview pix... one thing must be said: they finally managed to make a sandworm look like a sandworm :) )
  7. But... I hope there will be a lot of new units... and maybe some changes to the old ones... gettin tired of playing the same game over an over...
  8. the best thing is to try in one of the many abandonware sites (just type abandonware into some search engine)
  9. ravenwing


    ... And another thing comes into my mind... one thing I always missed in dune 2 /dune 2000 units with mobile turrets like tanks, should be able to shoot at other units while moving, this makes fast but less armored units much more useful for real attacks, and not only for scouting (T.A. docet). Anyway the game seems to get very interesting, throug the use of 3d you can make better landscapes. the dune game always had this very flat landscapes, no trace of the huge mountains described in the book, and no trace of the strong winds, and no trace of the many funny creatures... last: maybe the frem
  10. ravenwing

    This board

    Just one small thought. Are the units in arrakis2k not to similar to dune2000? Why not make
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