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  1. 19) You goto the supermarket and ask for 12 pounds of spice. 20) You have die-cast models of all the units and have dune wars. 21) You spend your nights looking through a telescope looking for Arrakis. 22) Someone comes looking for you and you have to turn off your cloaking device. 23) You call your room a "Sietch" 24) you keep up on repairs to your house over the fear of a Death Hand Missle.
  2. how many times do we have to go through this? ww isnt going exactly like the books because they cant, so if they didnt have ordos then there would be two houses, what do you know we got another c&c! ww put in ordos because they have something called an artistic licence. and the freman are stronger now, they can ride smaller worms and run over people and eat viecles.
  3. or just free internet with a local number
  4. Most important question!!! Are you going to do anything to improve multiplayer support in the area of speed?
  5. OHHHHHHH MAN Emperor : Battle for Dune is gonna be great!
  6. Your graphics card might not be combatible with Dune2000, you should goto HTTP://www.westwood.com and goto technical support and send an e-mail to westwood reporting your problem.
  7. dewdaf

    V1.06 Patch

    then how did you gat an account with westwood? u need an e-mail address for that.
  8. dewdaf

    Save games

    http://www.dune2k.com/filedl.shtml?download/savegames/allsave.zip what do ya know? right on the Dune2k site!
  9. have u ever been to a beach sand doesnt get muddy unless there is a rain to sand ratio of 3:1 and there isnt that much water hanging around arrakis... and then it would just be quick sand and be no worse than a sand worm eating them..... hey great idea, quick sand on dune 3 where you can always lose units, any u cant see it until you have already lost a unit in it.
  10. both of the downloads dont work on the site.....
  11. dewdaf

    This board

    lol he posts it for the whole world to see!
  12. and after it rains the sand will be compacted so all units move 25% faster!
  13. so whats the storm thing about?
  14. where can i d/l dune 1? i wanna see what its like.
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