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Guest Bosch571

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MarS have you seen those shots of Z2? They don't have bases in that game instead your resources are based off of territory you own or something like that... I was thinking this could be a good way to do it for A2k...

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Guest TuBByKillaHrr

What? No tanks? No brain-squeezing-while-running-over-innocent-and-helpless-people-trying-in-vane-to-escape?

Well, you don't know what you'll miss.

But i have the vague feelin you guyis already had this topic, right?

(for 2 years or smthing...)

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Oh yeah a fluffy bunny meets the harkonnens.  A few seconds later it would be dead.  War is more action and gripping than fluffy wabbits in answer to your question RavenWing.   Unless the fluffy rabbit is armed with a lasgun.  lol  :)

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