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hehe, i used a cheat so i had unlimited money, but those dont work anymore on the latest systems.

i think u can beat the mission. key is to build a good defense at the right spots, cause the computer is so dumb that he attacks the same spot the whole time and if you place many rocket turrets there, nothing can get through, just repair now and than.

after you have done this build many palices, especially with harkonnen, or also with the atreides, cause the fremen can really schout the terrain and start to kick ass.

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Haven't played it, but I agree with MarS. Arrakis 2000 should be Ultra Dune II in steroids.

Oh, and about that last levels, save often, very often! Build buidlings with space between them ( 1 tile ). Never save after you've heard the missile launch warning, it already has a plotted trajectory.

If it hits something important, just reload the game and continue unitl it land far off or it only takes out minor things. Good luck!

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Guest Emporer of all C&C games

;D DAMN you suck if you cant complet the last mission, I completed the when I got in 2 weeks with EVERY house!!!!  ;D    ;D    ;D    ;D     ;D    ;D

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