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[RELEASE] Dune 2000 Audio Converter

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Tool for playing and converting Westwood .AUD audio.

Feature Set:
* Supports loading an AUD and playing it.
* Supports exporting AUD to WAV file
* Supports replacing AUD contents from WAV file
* Supports saving AUD file with new WAV contents

* Supports shortcuts (Ctrl-O, Ctrl-S, Ctrl-P, Ctrl-E, Ctrl-R)
* Supports AUD files being dragged onto the EXE icon.
* Supports AUD files being dragged onto the open window.


Download at D2K+

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Thank you for the tool, but I can't get it to work. It gives me an error saying that it's incompatible with 64 bit version of windows. It seems that the audwav tool doesn't work on 64 bit...?


Some fancy Dutch error message I get when dropping an .aud file in the tool:


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audwav was written in 1997/8, I'm not sure whether it works on Win x64 on it's own, maybe you can test that from command line? 

Sorry. It does not work, I get the same error. :(


Normally 32bit programs are emulated or something on 64bit windows, but here it does not work.


Is there perhaps a work around?

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Ah ok, the only advice I can give here is try to run it in an emulated 32 bit environment (such as by emulating XP 32 bit) or run it on a different computer that has 32 bit Windows. 


I don't have a 64 bit copy of Windows any more, so I can't really look into a workaround that will make it work on Windows 64 bit directly.

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Is there someone who wants to convert all the .aud files to .wav and upload them in a zip? I can't convert .aud to .wav because of 64bit Windows.

I've all the converted files already in my mp3 player and hear it when making map drawings..

I also have emperor battle for dune songs also..

mp3 format..

should I upload it and post a link??

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