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Emperor Chronicles The Rise Of Corrino Empire

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Today I'm Announcing the name of my mod which was till now named

"Codename Emperor Mod".

Also here's the Mod-db Page of the mod : Link

And also there is an Official Mod Page : Link (site has been launched)

And as per another post the mod demo will be released by April 21.

Stick around and watch out for the mod.

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The mod brings back sands of time of the Dune 2000.

An alternate storyline of the dune world where a new war is rising between the new corrino empire and the rest of the universe.

A warning that was quite forgotten.

A hope that was lost.

A war that began for decades to come.

Play the story of the great betrayal through the eyes of the different armies.

Atridies , who were lured onto arrakis with the intention of peace negotiations.

Sardukar , once loyalist of the old atriedien empire now follow their new master Shaddam Corrino IV.

Imperial Mercenaries , the strongest army headed by the once generals of the old empire and sworn allies of the Corrino Empire.

What will be the outcome. The arrakis awaits a new challenge and will you be up for it?


Ordos has been replaced by a new house Imperial Mercenaries.
Old useless units have been replaced by Newer and better units for all houses.
Storyline of the game has been changed.
New maps and missions.
The Graphical User Interface & Mission Briefing Videos are also changed.
Few music will be overwritten by new one or from westwood's other games.
Units not present in the mod:
Stealth Raider
New Units in the mod:
Flame Tank
Harbinger Tank
Scorpion Tank
Imperial Combat Tank
Sniper Fremen
Sardukar Tank
And a new unit yet to be created

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Well i got all creative and added some stuff into the mod...

Ion Cannon

Flame Turret

Flame Trooper

and fixed the error where atriedes built flame turret...

Need a help on sprite replacement in the game....

Only guys with the r8 extracter can help me...

If someone can help me with this please post here...

Thanking you guys...

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Good news guys....

Solved the building house shift bug to an extent and also completed the atriedes missions...

Sardaukar campaign work will begin from today...

Using Emperor house as sardaukar has some rewiring problems as it uses harkonnen buildings...

Thinking of using Other buildings like. which are part of the original d2k campaign that might just might allow me to do what I want...

2 tiers of Sardaukar infantry are available....

Sardaukar and Elite Sardaukar...

And for imperial mercenaries there is Light Sardaukar...

More to come soon....

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After a few tries found that the sprites of 16bit cannot be changed for new ones...

The game when played in 8bit mode you'll see new stuff in it...

Sardaukar team is really hard to make...

Sardaukar troops are a bit problematic but the maps are going great...

No idea how much it'll take to finish the mod...

FMV shooting will take a looong time...

GUI replacement will be done soon...

Screen shots and trailers will come soon....

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You should release it as beta once everything except FMVs are ready. Or when its playable already. Beta releases always help ppl to track mods, see their gameplay etc. You got it.

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demo will be available soon....

i've said about it before...

and yes it'll contain the first two/three missions of each house...

only problem is in 16bit mode you'll see all the old sprites but in 8bit the new sprites are in place...

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Note that you cannot move on ice, so ice is only useful for design.

Not sure i understand your question.

Editing TILEATR5.BIN can change the movement permissions for the Ice tileset, so that would fix that.

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Its possible to create new terrain that is just recolored sand.

I did that... It's recoloured tileset...

Got the idea from dr. Mocha...

Need help with custom icons?

It would be great if you did...

But i guess some of it might not come...

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