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  1. good job on missions , but this story was not enjoyable atleast for me. keep up the good work :P
  2. finnished whole campain on hard hmmm , 7th mission is the hardest one, 9th prob most easy one of them all, btw theres a glitch , when u start 9th wheres 2 land areas 1 with your mcv 2nd with starport, the bridge between those areas, u can move through all da way u want fix that
  3. amm feda ive playd several games on tunngle its fine to use, its like garena same thing
  4. what da fuq to do in merc mission lol i find smugglers time run out or i find emperor time run out dont get it doesnt let me ally any of em
  5. everyone is busy with life or other games i suppose...
  6. perefese

    a turney !

    haha funny jokes i aint ganna be no father fuck that it was false alarm thank god ;D ive been working alot latelly didint have time for this and not sure when i will have , cuz im working this weakend aswell
  7. perefese

    a turney !

    UPDATED READ ( olso post what time u can be there so i can find a fair time for everyone )
  8. perefese

    a turney !

    to early to make groups first i need everyone to pm me if theyr ganna join in , date of this is still unofficial i want everyone to pm me with theyr names whos in this about maps i already had in mind that habana will be first map loser picks 2nd i think 1st match for everyone will be best of 1 , from 2nd one bo3, finals best of 5. i cant find a website were i can make groups ill think of something
  9. perefese

    a turney !

    allright guys post up what time u want it to go
  10. perefese

    a turney !

    steef get on playing havent seen you for like 5-6 weeks now ;s
  11. perefese

    a turney !

    aqib nerf sonics instead ;D:D dont buff ordos now shao is ganna play em ;D
  12. perefese

    a turney !

    yes everyone is allowd to join it the more the better more fun , ill make groups and apponents equal to each other so lets say some new guy wouldnt go againts shao in first fights or something, Post what kind of rules u want it to go or something
  13. perefese

    a turney !

    so okey me and shao though we should make one we have arround 8-9 players that already would want to be in this turney , everyone is welcome to join it , im still not sure when , so basicly everyone that would want to be appart of him post here, ofc your oppinion thoughs how it should be done , im thinknig 2 groups and a losers bracket aswell. date is still uknowm, im sure it will be at saturday, the time hmm post choise on what time you want so we can find , a time that everyone can be on and do it not sure how its ganna be best of 3s best of 5s post your oppinion and thoughs about it] we might even arrange a 2v2 team turney or something SUGGEST WHAT KIND OF RULES U WANT maps will be sand canyon , habbana erg 2 PS. shao will play ordos so everyone will have a chance at wooping his candy ass ! NO STUPID COMMENTS PM ME WHO WANTS IN WITH THEYR NAME < those who on the list dont have to do it> > Like i said everyone is welcome if u have anny more questions post here or pm me Waiting for everyones oppinion on this. Sorry for my grammar on this topic i kno its shit ;D Players that already would play PrfS Shao Riott Cinn Galax Storm ?] jagder ( sorry dont remember your full name ) Feda Tano99 ? LOSERS BRACKET WILL BE THERE ASWELL ( winner will have a chance to go on to turney ) ill update this when ill figure out how its ganna go ) Rules will be 8 min no rush Engeneers banned Gun turrets banned rocket turrets banned PAUSE will be allowd for each player for 5 to 10 min up to whats the problem ofcourse ( in every match ) Every match will have like an spectator ( refeere ) so everything goes clean , if a player ask for pause so apponent doesnt build up move or anything. CAMPING IS ALLOW"D ( Riott ganna love this ) ;D EVERY RACE HARKONEN < ATR < ORDOS ARE ALLOW'D u can use anny of them in anny match FEDA < GALAX IF u want make a new or 2 maps that are balanced we might use them aswell, since 2 maps isint that much to chose from
  14. holy damn god drama is all over the place ! i though im the only one that makes it ;/
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