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Guest FuCkMe

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Guest FuCkMe

Please...all of u....learn to write understandable english...

That means, next time u post smth, write it so anyone who knows english understands it....

some examples:

From trh5000:


if your enemyu is sending in lots of infantry raid partys after your base them place around 4 fremen on a piece of infantry rock and about 8 spread out at the end of your bases ramp then when he sends his troops after you his men will get ambushed by the first group(on the inf. rock) and if not dead all ready killed by the second ( have scouts with them) you should have some sarduakar at your bases back entrance (10-20) so if he wises up and chooses the rear his troops are even more screwed ( also have o. pop-up,h. gun,

and a. gun turrets for back up against veicles)

amass 30 fremen(10fedykin 20 warrior) and 20 scouts send the fremen close to the enemys base( but not too close or it will ruin the srategy)then send 10 scouts though the base and have them stop at the opp. side of the fremen let the enemy catch up with the scouts then move move the 10 scout a little farther if no all enemy or most went after scouts send in the other 10 and have them meet with other scouts(even if most enemy units chase the 10 scouts still send the 10 more) then send in the fremen and take out the factory and /or the con yard then have them run to a safe haven farther away then the first hidding place repeat against other buildings. if all goes well the enemy wont know even what happened. for more fun amass 8-12 veicles and have them distroy his distracted units (las tanks,dust scouts,mongooses,sand bikes prefered)

make 1 contaminator and buid 10-20 scouts then have th contaminator infect the scout, cheaper then builder all that many and then u have sufficent contamination force


well excuse me but WTF...the words may be english but the content surely isn't....is this type of writing some kind of new lingo that only a certain people (like language specialist professors) can understand or what...

if u don't have the time to read what u post, or more important, to understand what u post...then please don't post at all...

another one:

from duke caspar:


yeah, but i like a rush of a horde. Then you can use my favourite tactic (it isn't good but looks cool) a lot of really fast units wich can move and fire or use hth attacks. One super rush with hundreds of 'em great graphics...This is the famous Zerg tactic from starcraft


One super rush with hundreds of 'em great graphics??????????????????????? WTF do great graphics have to do with a super rush...??????? CANT U MAKE U'RSELF MORE UNDERSTANDABLE..

i don't understand half the shit here just because u ""GUYS"" don't know how to write....jeeesus

fortunately not everyone has suffered a brain damage and many posts r still readable....

So bring it on u godfearing scumsucking moorons....

what do u have to say in u'r defence...

NB! These two aren't the only ones...there were more in other forums (ordos strategys)and in other topics....i just didn't feel like it to find each and every one of those moronic posts....

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Hey poster boy for birth control isn't there a bottle of Jergens and a porn site you should be at instead of here? Oh BTW instead of worrying about the english learn how to post a "STRATEGY" you jacka$$.

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Guest MeFuck

now is this better :P (the name that is)

well yees...there some pretty good defencive arguments here...like go fuck u'rself and so on....hmmm...it's good to see that 95% of u have a permanent brain damage...

ok u wanted strategies...well here's one for u:


....what do I hear....u want more....ok then....

while learning try not to overheat u'r puny brains

...whaaaat...still not enough.....ok ok

pull u'r ego out and place it in a microwawe oven, then press the START button and after that start dancing around the oven...and when the bell rings, take u'r ego out and smash it against the wall...

o and one more thing....do not use any infantry to take it out....the best thing is to send in an army of wuzz-vechiles...

over and out...

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1. You can't rythme.

2. Our egos aren't the only ones needing smashed because it takes quite the ego to even post something like that.

3. None of us is in the mod for this and I don't know about the others but I for one will not respond to this thread again.

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