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2012: Cold Fusion ushers a new Era?


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A new company in Greece, Defkalion Green Technologies S.A. announced that it will soon begin massive production of Cold Fusion devices (based on the experiments of Italian scientists) that generate electricity and heat (from hydrogen and nickel). If that holds true and their device is really functional, it means a new era is at hands. No more will we need oil, coal, nuclear reactors... and Greece into the money... ;-)

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From wikipedia:

Rossi claims he has an agreement with the newly formed Greek company Defkalion Green Technologies [11] as his first client. According to the agreement Rossi will supposedly deliver a one megawatt heating plant, consisting of a hundred 10 kW reactors connected in series and parallel. The plant which would supply heating for Defkalion's own purposes only, was supposed to be inaugurated in October 2011. [12] Rossi claims he will not be paid by Defkalion until the installation is delivered and works. [13] The company’s spokesman Symeon Tsalikoglou has confirmed the agreement. [14]

Defkalion has also been featured on national Greek television [15] and in the national business newspaper Ependitis. [16] According to Defkalion and Rossi the agreement gives exclusive rights for Defkalion to manufacture and sell the energy catalyzer throughout Greece.

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People are still working on this crap? Seriously? Weren't the guys who first came up with this grift debunked like 30 years ago?

Oh, no, Mahdi, this isn't the OLD cold fusion stuff! This is a new cold fusion method, brought to us by our alien friends to promote peace and equality on Earth, just like they did in Atlantis.


You gotta love pseudo-science and the idiots that fall for it.

Nanu-nanu! :)

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The New Era is Here! Greece soon will take the lead in covering the energy needs of the whole World.

1. Defkalion company will soon start mass production of the cold fusion reactor. In a press conference it was announced that they are planning to add a second factory in the beginning of 2012 and a third by the end of 2012 in the production line! Device will be "plug and play" and covers its purchasing cost in a year's time!

2. The vast Nickel resources of Greece (83% of Europe's) guarantee cheap energy for all people.


No more oil, no more coal, but clean green energy! Aren't we living in the days of the biggest breakthrough in science in human history? This is the REVOLUTION of all times!

May I copy the post of georgehants and underline some of his great thoughts:

Billions of dollars in establishment and academic research and cold fusion results- NILL.

A few dollars from a open-minded true scientist, results, a world shattering discovery.

And there are still people who question the advantages of open-minded, forward looking, non-conventional, research, not based on maintaining the status quo and arrogant, self-serving reputations, but serving people and science.

This saga has demonstrated the failures of science and its faulty philosophy for all but the most closed-minded to see and determine to correct.

It is clear that cold fusion holds potential and promise, that is enough, not whining on about proof, without open-minded enthusiasm to follow every path to exhaustion without some "clever" " expert" saying I know best, it can't be done because it does not follow know physics, is as dumb brained, illogical, and stupid as it is possible to be.

The lesson is free science in all areas, whether conventional or meta to tolerant and enthusiastic inquiry, accepting that many trails followed will be, for the moment, dead ends, but better a lot of failures to ensure the finding of the occasional jewel than stagnating in a brain dead world of, that can't be true because the "establishment" say so.

Give research money to the rebels not the extra decimal point hunters.

Amid all this the World Capitalist Dictators have been left with their **** in their hands! As a last resort to destroy the project and steal the technology they delay the issuing of patents. Don't worry, soon you will be eating your ****! The wheel has turned! Bravo to the genius Italian scientists and to the Greek 'merchants' and researchers. Once again history is written in the cradle of civilization-the Mediterranean Basin.

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There are a few interesting concepts in proper fusion technology these days, and one in a sort of "cold fusion" that could maybe have a potential future, but as Dante said, Ill believe it when I see it.

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I just picked this site out for the sake of brevity. Many other sites have talked about Andrea Rossi's dubious past, and it all seems true.

With this kind of background, I honestly cannot trust what this guy has to say or offer.

On top of this, the use of Calorimeters in reported cold fusion devices has been around since the late eighties, and though I believe there might... and I mean MIGHT be a chance for this kind of "cold" fusion to work, I have to honestly say that I believe it most probably wont.

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No! Nobody is so crazy to invest hundreds of millions on a fraud and set up a research center. Actually what TMA_1 has linked to is a 100% proof that E-Cat is working. Such stories of defaming all those engaged in the project are popping up like mushrooms. Oil companies are paying billions to try to stop the invention that will make them penny less in 2012. I would advise the company to hire a private army to protect their premises from sabotage or direct attack.

The device will be presented in a formal test before the Greek authorities in the first 10 days of July, with several institutes around the world have tried the device...

ErasOmnius the Mayans were correct after all. 2012 is the turning point in human history. No more oil wars, no more hunger, no more poverty! It can be attained!

All these decades they have been lying to the population. Cheap energy WAS available from the seventies. Even as a teenager I had my dreams and some ideas about FREE energy but never dared to experiment on them as they were not so 'clean' for our planet. Yet others have proceeded to present as 'Green' energy scam and hazardous inventions that are destroying our gem, our planet. And that only for profit. Bravo to Rossi because his invention is clean and safe!

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You could be right athanasios, and I believe that though the scientific community always needs to keep a critical eye at these sorts of things, I also believe that too much cynicism can lead to downright arrogance. So we will see... only time will tell if this device will work.

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