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strats against ordos


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IF you see an saw rush or dustscout rush, make lots of morters and dustscouts, they wil attack in large numbers and morters with their splash damage wil wipe them out quickely, if you had a blockade and a morter group nearby then i wuldn't atack with the saw/dustscout rush at al because they're going to die very quick.

sure they're inaccurate but they have splash damage and it forces your opponents to constantly micromanagae his units so in the mean time you could do something else while he gets slaughtered.

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Mortar's are still useless units. Maybe they are good on infantry rock or normal rock.

Buzzsaw's can shred them into pieces, while they attack with both guns on the approaching dust scouts.

And if its a Dust scout rush on Mortar's. The Dust scout's will keep outmaneuvering the projectiles.

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BUT >:(       you ferget that most of the time the first 4 mins determin the game i say cuase if your a newbie BUT I'M not you get surrouded by kobra's and lazer tanks when you kill them he just counter attacks just face it until a better stat is made ords do have the biggest advantage ! we need a new infantry unit real cheap real fast ! ( i'm intermidite but i can't get the ords to stop bugging me maybe a little help ? would be greatful! )

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OK.... Atr strats against Ordos. These are based on QM games only. Some may apply to custom games - and others may not.

Early game build plenty of bikes and kindjal to defend against rushes. Make sure the starting mino is well protected and behind the bikes. If your spice field is nearby, move mino, bikes and kindal to protect it.

Get a fremen camp up early and build AS MANY feds as u can afford.... they are vital to take out kobras or lasers in a rush.

If the opponent intends to rush your base (the usual method of ordos beating atr) with dustscouts and chems, erect a machinegun turret (or two) and defend your ramp with some bikes, kindjal and 1 mino or two. MAKE sure he CANNOT rush past/around your defenses and into the middle of your base - cos if he does, u can say goodbye to your buildings. Chem troops take down buildings FAST.

As soon as u have a healthy income of spice, begin to pump out your minos.

Train loads of scouts and scatter then in front and around your defenses. (stops feds from taking out your minos).

Be careful of ordos engie drops (yes, ordos can engie drop bases too!).

If your opponent builds a hangar, build one too and make loads of airdrones. Use airdrones to destroy any adv. carryalls he uses. The ordos player will usually try to pick up your minos with them - thus sacrificing them 1 on 1. This is a good swap for the ordos player because as soon as some minos are taken out, he can sweep the field clean with his strong ground units.

Alternatively u can have a few mongeese with your minos. 2 shots from a mongoose can take out an adv. carryall.

Keep pumping out minos, feds, scouts and airdrones.

Once u have a large enough number of minos (5-8 ) advance (move+fire command) towards his base. Keep scouts moving around them so reveal enemy feds. USe feds in front of minos to take out lasers or deviators.

Its good to have a repair vehicle following the minos.

Keep airdrones hovering above mino group. (or keep 2/3 mongoose with minos).

Get 3 factories up so mino build time is faster.

The only problems i can think of at the mo, would be NIABS. So make loads of kindjal and turrets to protect your base. And have loads of feds surrounding minos.

IF YOUr opponent can build NIABS.... so can YOU!! so build some too! Or if you're using SARDAUKAR, train some Sard Elites and have them with your minos.... they're very effective... because their laser guns can take out deviators and adv. carryalls with fast, direct hits. Also effective in large numbers against NIABS.

remember, large groups MINOS, MINOS, MINOS!

Just watch out for deviators, niabs and feds.

Once u have your 'mobile fortress' secured, u can begin to attack.


The important thing is judgement of unit building. You need to see his base at all times... (Scouts!)... and respond to what he is building. If, during early game, he builds loads of kobras, mortars and sard elites (very effective combo)

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