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  1. Has anybody watched the film '28 Days Later'?? Its a british film based on the same idea as the t-virus in resident evil, but with an element of realism added in. Scary stuff. Anyway, going back to whether a similar virus could exist in reality; If it was possible for such a similar virus to exist, it would probably work by spreading through the body like an enzyme, and temporarily boost all bio-chemical reactions in cells. There would have to be mechanism in the virus to kill all higher brain processes (and our consciousness) and leave behind basic animal instincts: e.g. feed, sense surroundings... move etc. And i don't think such a mechanism could exist.... simply because without a consciousness, we wouldn't be able to move or use our senses... we'd just be a vegetable. Also, i don't think any virus could turn a human into a blood-lusting carnivore. In my opinion, humans naturally are timid and social creatures - so i can't see how a virus could affect a person's mind to want to savagely eat another living human being alive.
  2. Basically, the world is over populated...any political system will be unfair to some at least. So far a Social democratic system is the least worst we have...
  3. Any political system needs a likely host for it to survive. Has anyone ever noticed that the architecture of the government buildings at Washington D.C are the same as the architecture of ancient Rome? Well.. ancient Rome had a democracy and a Republic system - which is what the American political system was based on. Its as though the Democratic/republic system was resurrected in a new host.... if you'd like to look at it that way.
  4. i always thought they said "For the chouhada" - which would mean 'for the fighters' - if that makes any sense... ??? Maybe they ARE saying 'Ya hya chouhada', but its a muffled sample..?
  5. Centipede!! - thats the game i meant, not Worm.
  6. Do u mean the Atari 2600? .. that was a one mean machine at the time! hehe I remember playing Worm on that console... it was so addictive. I also had an Acorn Electron where you had to load the games from stereo tape cassettes, using a tape recorder. My most memorable games on that machine was Kung-Fu Master, Frog, and Neptron Through Time (i think thats what it was called). You kids of today just don't know how priviledged u are....! ::) *am feeling really old now...*
  7. yeh, but the same applies to both players. If a Hark player built multiple refs/harvs and made $20,000 in no time, so could Ordos. By the time Hark has a hangar, upgraded and made 20 gunships, Ordos would have made 7 Kobras, 7 Lasers, 25 Dustscouts (as an example) - OR could have spent it on 10 EITS.... ... or a huge force of 30 Sards + 30 Dusties... or 8-10 NIABS ...
  8. I remember when k0bratank asked me on msn if i could give him my cd-key... lol For a start, i wouldn't give my cd-key out to anymore... and secondly, i didn't even know the guy(!) for him to msg me, out of the blue, and expect me to give him my cd-key!.... tchk.. some people.
  9. Yeh ur right Nav, i didn't use them... I went for EITS to take out the Hark's base first. ;D But if your opponent has gunships ready to attack, then you'll need mines. Having a few floating above your base will work - any more and the extras will be a waste. I mainly relied on fast early assaults so the Hark player couldn't build gunships. But when they did manage to, a few mines would have helped a lot alongside my aa troops and engineers. I had a hangar but didn't bother with mines (laziness and didn't think they were useful) - but thinking about it afterwards, a few would have saved a couple of my buildings. ----- EDIT: Anyway, i think the topic here is 'defending against 20 gunships'. When i wrote the Ordos counter, i was thinking along the lines of about 5-8. As Ordos, ive never let my opponent build more than about 8 gunships. If u let your opponent build 20 gunships u must be doing something wrong. 20 Gunships = $20,000. ..You should have amassed a HUUUUGE ground force by then....
  10. another thing... how do we know that Terror isn't giving Dude_Doc a generated cd-key?
  11. The tactics ive given below are based on QM settings and playing styles. For custom games where starting cash can be much higher, some may not apply.... With Atreides: I'd use mass airdrones. Keep checking your radar and enemy territory for the gunship assault. As soon as the gunships leave their pads move your airdrones towards them and fly *alongside* or *slight in front* of them... to where ever they're going to. Airdrones can outfly gunship missiles so as long as u keep the drones flying straight they shouldn't get hit. If done properly not one gunship should reach their destination, providing u use enough drones (usually about 2 drones to 3 gunships), and there is enough time/distance before gunships reach their targets. You can have engineers waiting next to your buildings for rapid repair should gunships reach ur base. Of course, if there are 20 gunships firing all at once on your conyard/fac/ref then engineers aren't going to save it. You can only 'engineer repair' against gunships if there are low numbers of them - about 3-8. Thats why u need to airdrone them b4 they reach ur base. Having engies, mongoose and the odd missile turret are last-resort counters against gunships that survive the drone tactic. --------- With Ordos: Ordos' best defense against the Gunship rush is to not let the Hark player build up sufficient numbers of them. Keep attacking early on with fast, cheap, strong ordos ground units and he'll have to spend all his cash on ground units too to defend. Put pressure on his spice production too. If he builds a hangar, upgrades it, and builds gunships, it'll cost him a few thousand solaris - meaning he'd have lower spending on his ground units. If the Hark player is able to hold back your early assault long enough, he'll be able to afford to build gunships... If you see a hangar pop up on his rock you need to start building your gunship defense. I'd use engineers and mass aa-troops. The AA mine can be useful against gunships but u need to space them out around your base so they all don't aim for the same gunship - a waste if they do. The ordos APC is too weak against the gunship for its cost. --- With Hark: I haven't used Hark much so I wouldn't know the best gunship counters. Id probably use engies, aa troops, missile tanks.... and of course gunships to get him BEFORE he gets you!!! i'll be trying Hark on QM this month so hopefully i'll be able to give better tactics after ive experimented a little. ;) ---- Using the IX projector tank is an option. Projected missile tanks, sard eiltes are good gunship counters.
  12. Im on WC3 too.. I use 'taochi' on the Eastern US server and 'frosco' on Northrend (European) server.
  13. It works if you just delete the legals.bik file - I did it after seeing this thread. I'd back up the file anyway, just in case.
  14. I didn't think Freerunz was as good as Kebabshop - and Kebabshop hasn't got a mention yet.
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