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Think of a dune influenced game here!


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I though it would be quite fun to imagine a dune game in a different style. Ie, to make it more easy to picture, think of a 'stack' game using dune 2 sprites. Where you have to align the same type of units (3 or more) in order to gain points. You could call this "Dunestack" or "Dunetris".

Do you have any other funny combination you might think that would work? Post 'm here! :)

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Heh, good suggestions.

I don't know the name, but what about a 'last man standig' game where you are just one soldier and have to survive with lots of units coming after you. Could be even a sort of RTS themed thing (like you had in Warcraft 3 i think? Where you had to survive huge attacks and build a lot of turrets?).

Or, erm... dune memory? :)

Dune puzzle? (ie, screenshots scrambled, and make it ok again).

Erm, Dune quiz?

I like the idea of an arcade game, something like a space shooter with dune graphics.

Dune pong?

Dune Nukem? ;)

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Something like jewels. Getting 3 tanks in a row.

Donkey Kong, where the ape throws different kind of tanks instead of barrels.

Super Combat Tank Land, where mario gets replaced by a combat tank. Every time you jumb a carryall comes and picks you up. A muchroom turns you into a siege tank and a flower turns you into a devastator.

Poker, where tanks represent a card.

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Check out this game:


I think it's quite possible to make a lookalike where you fly a 'thopter on Dune. There was a freeware custom game with a 'thopter using Dune 2 graphics some time ago (as I mentioned somewhere above), but there you could only fly in one direction, like in the classical overhead shooters (Tyrian etc.), while having a reater degree of freedom would be that much nicer :)

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