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  1. How about Monopoly? Oh, no, you stepped on hotels on Dune :O That will be 10000 kilos of spice :P
  2. Here's another mass test result ;D UNIT LIMITS after you build huge number of units, you hit a limit (not sure about the number). You probably hardcoded this in the engine, but I'm pointing out the game ran very smoothly and nice with the limit; feel free to raise it confidently. CREDITS LOST: When you try to built new units over the limit, the credits are lost, the building appears to be working, but no units appear! It would be better to have the original's limit message appear not to lose credits on what you can't build. Even worse, with so many units, you usually don't notice that units do
  3. I've just completed a few extreme stress tests, so here are some new/old things I've found... DESTROYED BUILDING CRASH A Light Factory was selected, while building an Ordos Trike, which was about 50% complete when the structure was destroyed by the enemy. The game displayed the destruction graphics and sound ok, which ended as usual. A moment later, the sound effect "Construction Complete" stalled and looped at Compl...(ete) and the game crashed. Most probable cause: unit produced in destroyed building? Log doesn't seem very helpful: 0| Turret bullet shot itself, will skip friendly fire 0| Ski
  4. Here's the expansion on the questions: - A note about rocket troops, sorry I know people always complain about that, but at this moment, they're the strongest unit for its value... BUT even this overpowered, it's still WAAAAY better then the original one's uselessness after level 3 ::) another idea would be to speed up tanks, so they can at least run them over :D - About units going off-screen, yes, it's not that big of a priority. it can only get a little troublesome when you want to end a mission, and a harvester or some other enemy unit is static outside the screen. In this case, I always n
  5. Hi, first of all, The Maker is wonderful. The project got me all excited again about a game I loved running under Dosbox even these days. With the ability to improve it, it seems great. In order to be somewhat helpful to the project, I'll list a few bugs I noticed that should be addressed: -Computer units regularly go off-screen for one or more fields. Sometimes, when you end a scenario you need to patrol the edges to find that static harvester ;-) You can do that to your units too if you go near the edge with a group. -Computer's autopathing blocks when coming across "mountain" terrain. Happe
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