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Easy...make an advanced carryall, then an apc and then 4 engineers (that action must be done twice)

then fly down to the worm...be careful not to be shot down...then deploy tho engineers into guild refinerys and then when they're u'rs...sell 'em...then back up a new load of engineers and take out those other 4 refinerys like that...

after u've sold 'em the worm is WEAK...then take two apc-s and two carryalls...load the apc-s with sardaukar eliteand bring em to the worm...after deploying u'll have 10 sardaukar elite and 2 apc-s...then just start shootin at the worm and it'll be killed before enemy can take out u'r units

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Here is another way:

build 25 Las Tanks.... wait til comp attacks your base.... then charge all 25 to the Worm (the ending movie is something like that :)

A funny note... I deployed 5 Mortar Infantry at infantry rock near the Hark base... these guys acountered for more than 7 M.Tanks, 2 Devastators, 10 A. Tanks and multiple Buzzsaws :)

they halted the Hark Column for more than 15 minutes which allowed me much freedom n movement ;D

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I built up a wall round my base with Kobra defenses, then when it was completely secure built tons of infiltrators and destroyed the enemy base. This left me able to build a taskforce of sardine elite, fedaykin and... more infiltrators, with which I surrounded and killed the Emperor. Hooray! Time for tea!


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