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    i played with ordos and had no serious problems... there's like only one bridge where the enemy can attack u and that can be guarded so very well... also keep the entrance covered with turrets then the nuckes will be shot on those instead of u'r CY u know u only have to take out harkonen palace and nuthing else... i used freydaken (hope the spelling is correct) to sneak into enemy base and then kill those turrets and shoot up factorys and what else stood in way of the palace...and after i destroyed the palace...volla...VICTORY
  2. Easy...make an advanced carryall, then an apc and then 4 engineers (that action must be done twice) then fly down to the worm...be careful not to be shot down...then deploy tho engineers into guild refinerys and then when they're u'rs...sell 'em...then back up a new load of engineers and take out those other 4 refinerys like that... after u've sold 'em the worm is WEAK...then take two apc-s and two carryalls...load the apc-s with sardaukar eliteand bring em to the worm...after deploying u'll have 10 sardaukar elite and 2 apc-s...then just start shootin at the worm and it'll be killed before enemy can take out u'r units
  3. hmmm...only fremen might be good for stealthy attacks but when i played the ordos campain then i mostly used a comination of ~15 fremen, ~15 Fedaykin, ~15 imperial sardaukar & ~15 sardaukar elite....with these troops i seriously kicked ass...also sardaukar elite r very good for shooting down air units...so when taking out enemy harvesters and u r attacked by infantry, let fremen warriors and sardaukar handle them while sardaukar elite eliminate the carryalls that try to get away with harvesters...an exelent anti everything group....but still against minotaurs it sucks because those nasty beings can kill like 3 of my babies with one shot...that's why i kept away from atreides areas and attacked harkonen who never saw what hit 'em :)
  4. :) glad u liked it...hmmm, maybe an infantry unit for u too...ok lets see... haha..i got it...AN ELITE HACKER...dada :) lets say it costs like 2000 :) and can do nuthin :D....ok ok, just kidding it should be a deployable unit...when u deploy it, it takes out his laptop :P and starts taking u'r money :D like for salary...over some deffinate time it takes like 250 or so from u'r reserves. But what can it do...hehe...weeeeeeel....lets say it has 3 options: 1.hack into an enemys vechicle mainframe and deposit a virus, then guide the maschine to enemy base where it plants the virus and then explodes, doing some splash damage. then the base is inflicted and energy reserves start decreasing slowly and buildings start to be damaged slowly (only to a certain point, virus won't blow the buildings up) but the infected vechicle should be a real worm magnet so it would be difficult ot get it over the sand... o a little remark for explanation...all actions done by hackers can only be done to enemy units that r in the LOS of any of u'r units...o and when deployed the 250 is taken after 1 minute gameplay (that time is debatable) 2.hack into enemy vechicle making it u'rs while it is still u'r enemys...meaning that the enemy will not notice it not being his...exept from the fact that he can't control it anymore...cute eih. u get to drive it around while firing enmy when he can't fire at u..hehe...but this hacking will start costing 500 per minute (still debatable)and the efect will wear off by time...making the unit his again...so basically u can kill enemy for a short time while he can't touch u...also the whole hacking in thingy should take...mmm...maybe 15 secs or so (debatable) 3.hack into enemy refinery :) maybe then like for 1 minute (or more) u could buy u'rself stuff for his money and the hacker's tax would also go off from his account....but the whole thing would requier 30 sec min LOS from one of u'r units...so the hacker could perform such a formiddable task... ok, making that up just took an hour from me :) yawn...should go to bed soon btw the time here is 1 a.m. (here is where i live)
  5. An unit for u then: Palace unit, or more like an airstrike so to say... U call in u'r cosmic trash pal's who will fly their Universal trash ship over where u point it at then it'll drop it's toxic trash load over the enemy (when it hits building, they will suffer toxic melting damage; when it hits infantry they will go paranoid, droping their weapons and start walking around, blabering smth about the end of the world :) ; when it hits vechicles they also suffer melting damage and also go berserk starting to shoot randomly around them, damaging anyone or anything that gets hit; and the most important, when a worm is hit by THE LOAD :), it comes to the surface fully and starts hunting other worms, crushing anyone who is stupid enough to be in it's way) the load is droped as a long stripe, so droping it over an enemy base would realy hit the spot... well, want some more cool units or what?
  6. OK...the big entering :) My first post as a member...yay First I'd like to say that dune II was one of my favourite games...though i played it on Sega 16bit console (which in fact offered better graphics and gameplay than the pc version) I completed the game with every house and then just started palyed different levels again and again...(that version had codes for levels, so no savings...if u lose that u had to start all over) I also played it with my friend. First i built my base and quickly built a MCV and some other vechicles....and after 20 minutes I handed the control to my friend who took those maschines and built his base (my second) to somewhere else...then we started playing 10 minutes at a time, switching turnes and showing the computer hell...it was also kind of funn but it would have been much better with split screen and head to head game possibilities. THEY REALLY SHOULD HAVE DONE THE GAME WITH A SPLIT SCREEN OPTION :( That game kept me behind the console for 6 months or even more (not non-stop) and it still didn't get boring. I don't have the Emperor yet but i'm getting it on next monday and guess what...I'm getting an original game...legal stuff that is....it feels so good to get u'r hands on an original game once in two years :) And they also have cool stuff usually in those original game boxes. That gives me an idea...if anyone here has bought an original then maybe u could tell me if there was smth interesting in the box..beside the game itself. ok ending my first post now! heh...btw it was my second...the 1st one was a testing in another forum :)
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