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APC strategy

Guest SeJun

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Besides using the Ordos APC for capturing buildings w/ engi's, have any of you used them for AA support within an attack force? Although thier missles do only minimal damage, they are more flexible to use instead of having only AA Troopers 4 protection from enemy air units. They are also great for defense as well from air units. Just stick a couple of AA troopers inside it and deploy them when you need 'em. I think it saves building space for things like the guild's palace since it's so huge.  ;)

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The huge advantage of the APC over the AA trooper when it comes to shooting aircraft is that if you spot enemy air strikes early enough, APCs can get more than one shot between their base and yours (at least, against Gunships). APCs shoot, then outhover Gunships partly back to your base, shoot again, etc.

Another use for APCs is for demolishing enemy turrets when you don't have Kobras around. The APC has surprisingly long range, further than a Gun Turret and I think even a Rocket Turret (assuming both the turret and the APC are on the same elevation). Also note that an APC can get away much faster than a deployed Kobra if enemy counter units are approaching.

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Btw ('belasting toegevoegde waarde' ;D ;D)

You can drop an APC with a Carryall filled with engineers. Works even better with Atreides APC since they have stealth. Once happened to me. I saw an empty Carryall and nothing beneath it. STUPID, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!! >:( >:( :'( :'( :-X

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