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Dune 2 Remake Development


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I'm woking on a remake of Dune II. I would like to use the original graphics / sounds / music if possible. But the extraction and conversion of some graphics doesnt work properly. ive tried the tools listed on dune2k and some other.

I would like to know if theres a possibility to extract and convert the WSA (MENTAT.PAK) thumbnais of units & buildings into gif/bmp/pcx format except the programming way bcos im busy enough with the game

could somebody upload/link to a dos or win tool?

following tools ive tried:

XCC Utils XCC Mixer.exe


version of dune 1.07

i think the compression is format80 or format40 but i couldnt find a compiled dos/win app

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XCC Mixer should convert the WSA images without problems. You only need to select the right palette, which is IBM.PAL.

To do so, open XCC Mixer, go View -> Directories... Make sure the Dune 2 path points to the folder where your Dune II is installed. Then restart XCC Mixer, go View -> Palet, and select IBM.PAL from the list. After that, you'll be able to view the WSA files properly, and convert them to PCX by right-clicking the file(s) you need to convert and selecting "Save as PCX". You can select all files at once and convert them. That should do it.

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Amazing! Thank you for the fast answer!

Thank u wery much it works! Do u have a clue how to resample the midi files? the pack on this page is nice but some tracks are to fast or to short how ever.

im giving my best to make it look and feel like the original :D

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im giving my best to make it look and feel like the original :D

Good to hear that :) Do you plan it to run in higher resolutions? To have multiplayer?

Feel free to post you progress here (I only think the thread will fit better in the Dune Editing section; perhaps a mod will come by and move it?)

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which language are you working in?

the ScummVM project has PAK handling code already available, in C++


obviously its not going to be just a copy/paste job, but its all there

also if your in c++, you can use the code from my script decompiler if you like, its already setup to execute opcodes, and most of the opcode functions exist.. altho they're lacking the code to make them do anything

Nyerguds also has a copy of my IDA database, for the free 4.9 if that will help you

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  • 2 weeks later...

the language is c/c++ with allegro 2d thats it

current possible resolutions are 320x240 (Original 320x200) 800x600 1024x768 1280x800 (WideScreen) other resolutions are possible (every that can be divided by 16 :D)

using the original pak files is a nice idea but that would cost too much time - thanx propably later :D

i'm trying to

- get the required kno-how to make a multiplayer mode (WINSOCK probably :D)

- put my own ideas i missed in the original to extend and NOT to change so far as possible

- use easy to change/mod graphics/maps/sounds/music

if i have a demo release done ill post it here

screens are available but nothing special

excuse my bad english & big THX :D

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Why do you password protect early alpha screens? I don't see any reason for that...

because id like to control the testers an wanna know who sends me a feedback and some other reasons

i've updated my reply there are no screens its the game prerelease far away from a release candidate

nevertheless its already a nice work

dont worry if there is a playable version i'll release it free for all

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Since you're writing the game in C++, I'd really recommend using our libeastwood library (http://launchpad.net/libeastwood).

This supports all the data formats that comes with dune 2, and since it's a library, you don't even have to implement it yourself. :D

For examples on usage etc. you can look at the Doon Lunacy source (http://launchpad.net/doonlunacy), there you'll find more code

which can give you hints on how to do other various stuff as well.

If you wanna join forces and share efforts, that would be very welcome as well! :D

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btw. by all formats I mean everything, but some midi formats, .ADL midi is supported, while .c55, .xmi & .pcs remains.

And now also EMC as I yesterday embedded segra's assembler/disassembler. :D

EMC interpreter remains

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Great thank for that  ;)

sounds really interesting i will take a look at it

i thought i've solved the problem with the midi files browsing other remakes. but i've found one that have additional midi files so i'm going to add them. hmm but its not the same :( a lot of samples doesn't match to the original

i really appreciate how much this community is interrested and helping developing the game

there will be a big special thanks in the credits dedicatet to this forum

i'd like to have a couple of interrested beta testers those really want to help me so i can name them in the credits

that means if there is anybody interrested send me an im and you will get the newest release for testing depending on how ever it was arranged

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yeah, and what's even the purpose of controlling testers?

Also keep in mind that most of the source you'll find around for these things are GPL, my libeastwood is, and if you're

gonna make use of any of the code, I'm gonna hold ya to it. ;)

Just making it open source and the code public will give you a lot more friends, more people to help you test and develop

and also be of better use to others. :)

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Just making it open source and the code public will give you a lot more friends, more people to help you test and develop

and also be of better use to others

I agree to some degree. Yes, people tend to lend you a hand quicker. But there is no way you are certain they keep doing that. Then again, as lead developer of your project you should not lean on such resources. They are just too volatile! :)

It took me a while to get used to 'open source' a project, but now I am all for it.

Also, never let an excuse as "my code looks bad" prevent you from open sourcing things. I would say, it is one of the major advantages that people can see your code and you can learn from it (and , perhaps people learn from your 'rubbish' code).

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Yeah, relying on such might not be the best idea, but allowing for such will make it possible to gain from it with little to no cost. :)

For publishing code, indeed, I get quite vain about code I publish myself, and for code I'm not happy about I'll darn

make sure to comment it in code, hell no if I'll ever come off as stupid without being aware of it myself! ;p

This results in better care taken and stricter discipline with code far easier to maintain and develop, especially

as the projects grow and also when number of projects grow as well.

Also maintaining the code in public more encourages the use of revision control tools which will allow you to

get way better control of your project's code and history both for yourself and others, and when you write code

with others than just yourself in mind, you'll get better at documenting your code and things around it which surely

helps yourself out a lot as well. :D

hm, yeah, that's just *some* of the benefits! :)

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im trying to do it by myself :O sounds egoistic ::) but be sure there will be an open source

project history:

i've tried first a proof of concept after that i've created a new project. now this is the 3rd based on the 2nd.

the 3rd project should already be playable. after that ill start optimizing the code and working on the multiplayer probably i'll try to load everything from modules units/buildings/missions

after i've finished the 3rd project i'll make it open source

and the 3rd is done when its like dune 2 :D

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