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  1. segra

    Map seeds

    You can view them all using DuneMaps http://dunemaps.sourceforge.net/ or source: https://github.com/segrax/dunemaps/
  2. Although this really has nothing to do with the topic at hand, i figured, why not, because.... The Amiga version owns that crappy dos one (note: the graphics where all completely re-drawn for the PC Port) Unfortunately, these photos where not taken for closely examining the contents of the screen, and I really can't be bothered going and getting my Amiga(s) / games out of storage again at this point in time :) But it does show a nice black border around the screen... Which the top and bottom bars are missing during the intro... And for some strange reason, i
  3. Ah, right now I understand... Yeah I'll look into that once I've got time, I'm not really sure how much work will be involved though... as they appear to have hacked up the EXE from my experiments (it contains missions all the way to some of the last scenarios... and just skips certain ones / phases in between) I do find it strange they went for this approach, over just removing the maps from the data file and renumbering the ones they wanted to keep... but maybe they lost the tool used to compress the data Also, has anyone noticed that the forum, when you quote someon
  4. Thats what should happen, but at the time of release, I hadn't seen that particular version (which is why it gives an MD5 error). I only spent ~4 months (while working a full time job) doing this entire port, so as you can guess, most of the time was spent coding and bug fixing, not hunting for demos :) All my ratios/resolutions are based on the original images in the data, thus, to me, a 2x-scale should be 640x400 (as all images in the DOS version are 320x200), thats why I told dosbox to cap the size to that resolution. 320x200 is considered a 4:3 ratio with
  5. Yeah, There is a link to GOG in the Readme for obtaining the Retail data, That demo works fine, it will give you an MD5 warning, but it will still work (Just put it in the Dos_CD directory). Cannon Fodder 2 isn't really supported, but it will start up (it contains a number of sprites which are not handled, sound effects, and some of the mission data is missing) Its also worth mentioning, the data included with that CF1 Demo... is actually the full Retail data (The 'Game Won' image has been changed, apart from that its 100% identical), they simply modified the mission table in
  6. segra

    Dune Dynasty

    Hello All, drnovice dragged me here :) So I'm just going to explain how this problem was solved in Open Fodder Late last year, we spent many hours arguing about aspect ratios in Open Fodder... many long hours... In the end, we went with the original aspect ratio, too make matters even more difficult, the Amiga and Dos version have two different screen heights ( Dos: 320x200, and Amiga 320x260)... So Open Fodder, appropriately changes the Window height after you select a version See Here: https://github.com/segrax/openfodder/blob/master/Source/Fodder.cpp#L3200 In th
  7. Yeah, I just couldn't help myself though ;)
  8. i need this box, ive only got this one for Amiga! too bad its bidding and not buy now :P
  9. There is one of these for sale right now (black disks), sadly the back of the box is ripped :( http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dune-II-IBM-PC-MS-DOS-Classic-Real-Time-Strategy-Frank-Herberts-Dune-/131534473383?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1ea010c8a7
  10. Hey MrFlibble, Yeah its been awhile :) Pretty good, yourself?
  11. Also on the seed topic, you can change the map seed and the map will change as you type (easy way to select a terrain)
  12. Working fine on windows 7 for me :)
  13. haha, nah, alot of good peeps have done some very hard work on this game over the years :)
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