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Would you like to join the 'Dune Legion'?


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What looks like an official Dune fan club has just started up, with their official Myspace and Facebook posting the following message:

Would you like to be a member of THE DUNE LEGION-- a specialty group For Elite Dune Fans?....

THE WINDS OF DUNE (due out August 4th from Tor Books) is the 17th book in the epic chronicles created by Frank Herbert and continued by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.  Over the years, we have received countless letters of support from fans around the world.  With the upcoming release of WINDS, we would like to invite fans to spread the news!  We're looking for web-links, help getting the word out about author book signings, posting blogs or reviews, uploading press releases, and generally spreading the word about the books. THE WINDS OF DUNE is the tenth full-length Dune novel written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson and is a real milestone in the series, the sequel to Frank Herbert's classic DUNE MESSIAH and a follow-up to last year's critically acclaimed bestseller PAUL OF DUNE.....

If you are a fan of the Dune books -- both the new and the originals -- and would like to participate as a member in THE DUNE LEGION, please send us an e-mail at fancomments@dunenovels.com....

--Sincerely, Herbert Properties LLC....

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ZING!!! ;D

Since Dune became McDune and the province of Kevin J. Anderson?

Words are just something to be counted and bragged about; their meanings are irrelevant.

I mean, when KJA called me one over in the comments on his MySpace blog, "elitist" was obviously a DIRTY WORD.

Hmph. Things change. Or maybe Kimberly missed the memo? ;)

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The Dumb Novels site is (or at least, used to be) managed by KJA's uncle, Mike Anderson. He's managed some amazing snafus over the last couple of years (like when their BBS went down for a couple of weeks because he had the database sized too small), and here lately it seems like he can't post anything without a new F.U. of some sort.

God, you gotta love how tight-fisted the Herberts are. Not to mention the complete lack of originality.

Wouldn't FH be proud?! :)

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