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Ordos units


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I personally think that the ordos are way too far the better house...just wanna know your opinion....and hiyas im a n00b...and sorry for the englsih...im a peruvian

OH DAMN IT....really sorry moderators.....guess this isnt gonna be good...

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Umm, you're really not going to like this, but I think that compared to the other houses, Ordos kinda suck. They're weak, and they need to use hit and run tactics (which can also make them the most fun house to play as also  ;D )

One other thing. What is this topic doing in Atreides Strategy?

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Assault Tank is effective vs early rushes. But wait a minute, this is a Ordos Units topic... Well then I say the Dust Scout rulez, together with some laser tanks. This is for the beginning. I say: build 25 Dust Scouts and 3 Laser Tank and you have the perfect starter rush...

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