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Dune news 31/03/09


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Stillsuits come one step closer to reality.  The Popular Science website has reported that the Georgia Institute of Technology has developed technology which it compares to the technology used in the Fremen stillsuits of Dune.  Tiny microscopic generators that can be powered by the movements of the human body, wind, or light have been created, and have been suggested as a possible device to power stillsuits, should they ever be created.  The stillsuits mentioned in the book were powered by heel pumps, which according to a study mentioned in the Popular Science article, aren't practical for use as they impair walking.  For more information, click here.

Chapterhouse Dune audio book reviewed.  Publishers Weekly have reviewed the Chapterhouse Dune audio book, calling it an audio book with a 'superb direction' and a 'talented cast', although noting that any listener who hasn't read or listened to any of the previous 5 classic Dune books will find it difficult.  For more information, click here.

Dreamer of Dune audio book announced.  Scott Brick, who is featured on the Chapterhouse Dune audio book, as well as other Dune audio books, has mentioned on his website that a Dreamer of Dune audio book is 'in the works but a bit delayed.  For more information, click here.

Still no Dune movie news?  Peter Berg has been suggested by the MTV Movies blog as a possible choice to direct Mission Impossible IV, which is rumoured to be in the works.  Whilst the current filming commitments of other candidates is mentioned, there is nothing about Berg's work on Dune.  However, assuming everything is fine with the movie, I have another casting idea, based on Berg's previous work.  Minka Kelly has worked with Berg on the TV series Friday Night Lights, and the film The Kingdom, and could be a possible choice for Irulan (I know Irulan is blonde, but hair can be dyed).

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