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The Wii Thread

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I don't like these new characters or even Sonics recent portrayel.  I miss the Saturday morning cartoon Sonic the Hedgehog where Robotnik rules the planet and Sonic is a member of a small resistance cell.  That seemed to fit in with those Genesis games well. 

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Loved that show, and the one preceding it.  Got every episode of both of them.  Yes, I know, I'm sad. :P

The new characters were never really portrayed well - shallow US voice actors on a plot that was never as deep as the original games / comics.  I know the original, canon story behind Sonic, Mobius, Robotnik (not bloody Eggman)...

I should stop now. :P  My point is that Sonic Chronicles: TDB takes your favourite characters of old and gives them new life - everything tries to tie into the canon.  The new characters are given proper depth, too, which is good.  Of course, if you don't have a DS, I can't really recommend that you buy one specifically for this game, but if you do end up getting one, you might want to give this Sonic game a try. :)

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I think the Wii is the last console I'm going to buy for the near future;)

What about a $100 PS2 and lots of decent $20 games?

They just dropped the price $30. Almost had me interested.

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Congrats!  Last night I went to EB Games and bought the Sonic Collection (the new copy was a penny less than the used... weird) and a gamecube memmory card.  While I was browsing this mom was trading ina ll her kids systems and games.  First thing was a DS - which was missing the stylus.  "I told you to bring all of your game stuff!"  "MOOOOOOOOM!  I forgot!".  Then the gamecube, which had no wires.  "I told you to bring all of your game stuff!"  "MMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! I forgot!".  Then the x-box, which had no wires.  "I told you to bring all of your game stuff!"  "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! I forgot" at which point the mom made the kid put back the PS3 games he was buying with the trade in cash.

Two systems, same generation, a handheld, and a couple big boxes of games.  Crazy.

But, when the guy at the cash ringing in my sonic game asked if I had a gamecube controller, the mom jokingly told me she'd sell me the one she brought for $5.  I took her up on the offer, to her and the two cashiers surprise,  "Dude!  That was awesome!  I've never seen that before!  $5 tax free, that's a hell of a lot better deal than we offer!"  Amazing how excited they got.  Again, it was weird....

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Gamecube games I suggest are:

Super Smash Bros. Melee, believe it or not, I think this is probably better than SSBB, it's a must have for any Gamecube owner.

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's cut, A very good game, of course, you shouldn't buy it if you already own Sonic Adventure for the dreamcast. I suggest getting a GC action replay thing with it though, as there are tons of levels that a lot of characters can't get into, but would be very fun playing as them in those levels. Again, this game is better than it's sequel (Much better).

Soul Calibur 2, IT'S SHIT DON'T BUY IT EVER, I DON'T KNOW WHY I'M MENTIONING IT... seriously speaking, it's a fun fighting game, again, I think it's probably better than the sequels, although it doesn't have a character creator like it's sequels though... but still very good, and it's also better on the Gamecube version according to people who've played it on the other consoles (plus it has Link 8D).

Billy Hatcher and the giant egg, the best platforming game I've played excluding Sonic and Mario, very fun, however the game can be extremely frustrating at times.

Super Mario sunshine, it's a Mario game, and it's fun, you can probably imagine what it's like, however, I think it might've been more enjoyable than Super Mario Galaxy, probably is now that I think about it.

Pikmin, a maybe, it was pretty good though.

Zelda: Wind Waker, I usually don't like Zelda games, but I actually enjoyed this one a lot and played it quite a bit, however it can be boring when you're traveling around on your boat looking for stuff.

Sonic heroes, another maybe, I enjoyed it though, which is rare for games now days, it's not as fun as Sonic Adventure though.

Custom robo Revolution, if (IF) this was anything like Custom Robo Arena, then I think it's worthy of being bought, I really wanted to buy this game, but I couldn't, as it was never released in Europe/Africa... >_>

And I'll post more suggestions when I go to look at my pile of Gamecube games.

And I

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We got Wii Fit this past tuesday, stumbled on it randomly at loblaws when we decided to get a snack while checking out some outdoor gear stores.

Pretty much just playing the balance games right now.

I beat Super Mario Galaxy an hour ago.  I enjoy the game but I think it's a little too long.  As it is there are 58 MORE stars to get before I can play the game through again with Lugi and after I get 120 stars with him I can access the final level....

New videos and trailers for Ghostbusters come out every week... I cannot wait....

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So, how's everyone's wii adventures going?

I bought LEgo Star Wars the other day, we're about halfway through Revenge of the Sith.  Better game than Lego Batman, not as good as Lego Indy.

I pre-ordered Ghostbusters last week.  Can't wait until it comes out....

Also bought Sonic Adventure DX (it was $5 and has all of the game gear games included).  The action levels are great, but I had the Exploration levels.  I never know what I'm supposed to find or where to put it.  Right now I have an Ice Key and no idea where it goes!  Even using a walkthrough I'm lost.

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You must really like lego.

Put that ice key in a hole in a pedestal which you find in a cave in the ''tropical area'' (it has a big mono-rail style thing and tail's house).

It isn't the cave with the mine cart, but the one with icy walls and a pool of water (seemingly physically impossible but...:D).

SA DX is probably a great bargain for 5$.

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My girlfriend played Wii sports for a couple of hours at a friend's house and now she insists on getting one. I am beginning to suspect it may be a good idea to stay away from the Wii for the same reason it's a good idea to stay away from World of Warcraft... and heroin. ;D

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