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server always empty


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Put this link in your browser-

Now all you have to do is click on this to see when people are playing.

And Spicy, people still play this game. True, it's old and you won't find as many people playing as on a game like Sup-Comm. but people play just the same.

Serhankahn, spicy used to play this game, but moved on to other games, which is fine, it's only a game after all. But I sometimes think that Spicy thinks that because he quit we should all quit.

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well voodoo that is not exactly  haw this all happened ..

i didnt actually leave emp but the game died on me ... i used to come to the

server everyday like this guy is doing now but i wasnt able to find anyone

except for an occasional 1vs1 games which i dont like ...

but u vooddoo wasnt there to see those days .. and i know it hasnt got better ...

so i am only telling this guy what to expect ... am not trying  to make him go

i was the only one who tried to guide players to this web :


i am afraid your link wont help him much because i have it too and it never

showed me anything

i have all the game settings installed and i didnt leave the game

and if u see any games tell me were and i will play ... but not at 6 am  gmt

i waited long days for newt tourney but at the end when he freaked out

i gave it up ..  i think ill try some of ure tourneys next time

its a great idea   

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Thats crap Spicy...there are always games going on in Emp. and if not then msn will get me a game going in no time.

  miles ?             09/29 08:52 PM

  roedor ?             09/29 08:49 PM

  mileswest ?     09/29 08:26 PM

  kalem333 ?     09/29 05:57 PM

  sero ?             09/29 01:51 PM

  viking ?             09/29 12:57 AM

  newlords ?     09/28 10:36 PM

  silontee ?     09/28 09:49 PM

  jcdeleon1 ?     09/28 08:30 PM

  spazelord ?     09/28 06:20 PM

Doesen't look dead to me, me and Spaz play alot and desertway..hell I even call them on the phone if I wanna get a game going.It's far from dead man.

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is this a joke scar ?  the names are in different times each except for miles and rodito

and the were not even playing  ..

do u want me to play 1vs1 with physico  spaze all night lol

or should i run over the night clubs in new york  looking for players ?

this is silly scar .. yesterday there was not even a single game played ..

i dont think any game can die worse than this

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Spicy, I watch in the evenings to, (E.S.T. USA) I usually see not only people logged on, but games set up in the left hand column.

And this makes no sense to me-

the names are in different times each except for miles and rodito and the were not even playing  ..

This shows people are trying to play. I just wish they would all read the sticky threads and use either EMPBOT or MSN to set up games.

The "names are different times" because they are different and new people playing, they just have to learn when other people are likely to be online. I know they are unique new players because most, if not all of the newbie's come to me for help getting online. I'm sure you must realize that when you click on the question mark next to a newbies name on RA's webpage, you are looking at other people using that serial, not people multi-nik'ing.

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Spicy, I watch in the evenings to, (E.S.T. USA) I usually see not only people logged on, but games set up in the left hand column.

am not going to argue with that ... but i already told you that evenings in usa time =  6 am

my time  + 2 gmt  and even those games u are talking about is a rare event now

and u can tell them by names :  spaze elsepue newlord and a couple of korian players

i would have a 5%  chance to find any games before 4 am my time .. you dont believe me

so be it

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ok i  am sorry,,,i am the only crazy nob in here and ra server is full 24/7 ..

but i was sent by the dark forces of evil to kill emp the most anticipated game online..

and btw leo u haven't played emp since 2005 exept for ure occasional 1 per year show off

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Ok Spicy, maybe it would appease you if I approach it this way.


Yes it's true. EA no longer sells or supports it.

The server is never going to be full 24/7

However..... people DO play the game.

The biggest problem is that they do not use MSN to set up a game if they don't want to play evenings USA time.

It looks as though playing games evenings USA time is most inconvenient for people from Turkey. So what is needed, is for more people from Turkey to play Emperor. Now it is obvious, judging by your number of posts here on dune2k, that YOU are our representative for your great country. So it would seem to me that you have clearly FAILED in your duties to obtain more Turkish players, and therefore the blame for the true death of Emperor for at least HALF THE PLANET Clearly rests on your Shoulders! 

Stay in you home. I have dispatched a contingent of Sardaukar Troopers to place you under arrest pending trial before the full High Counsel.

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(Bash down the door wiv ma big left booty)

Yooo I'm back!

...naa juss kiddin.

Emp will NOT be dead until every single dunamaniac stops playin or ra servers life has ended and any source code is lost in a sand worms throut thus never retreived.

Same goes for any game!

So it's only dead if these things i've mentioned happens. FULL STOP!

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well my defense is  that i tried .. i invited this web to allow the download of

the abandon ware emp and to make a non serial open server like they did with free space 2


they didnt care what the game makers think. they had balls and they kept their game working

the made mods and campaigns and opened a ffa server i had lots of fun playing free space 2

but the server was way too laggy for me to shoot anything

i was one of the last players who were seen playing emp and am still around for any

possible activities .. but i will not login by my self and wait all night in a twilight zone ..

i have a life too you know ..

i demand my  immediate release of this detention without any further obligations

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i never mean to say the game is dead .. i know u guys dont like this word

i was just telling the new guy what to expect and why he is not finding any players..

which is the plain fact ... but you all just took the word out of my mouth

this new guy likes dune a lot and consider it to be an inspiration for him

and i was just telling him he is so late to come here and that he would have

had a lot of fun with us back in 2005 for ex

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I'm sure you realize that I was only kidding with you Spicy. However, you are correct. BUT, it's kind of like being dead in real life, at least in the USA. If you walk up to a dead body on the street and look at it, well that person is freakin DEAD, both actually and legally. But if someone goes missing, after a certain amount of time, he can be "Declared Dead" legally, even though you have no proof, no body. Even though he may have just been desperate to leave and start over. So there's dead, and then there's dead.

Emperor- Legally Dead...... but Actually it's body can be seen lurking the sands at night.

But you did bring up a good point. you would not believe how much time I have to spend when I get home, answering emails from new guys wanting help getting online. So I am going to make a sticky post for all the Newbies telling them what to expect. This way I don't have to waste my time setting some guy up only to see him play for a week and then disappear.

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  title :  1_  links to download emperor and haw to run it for free

            2_  new  open  ffa server that dose not read serials

                        AND LET EA GO TO HELL    end of message

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