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Battlezone: Dune style?


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A few years back, Activision released a remake of the old arcade classic Battlezone.  They basically turned it into a small-scale C&C-type game, set in an alternate time where the Cold War really got off Terra...

What was unique about it, however, was the perspective.  Instead of being above everything, you were actually in the thick of it, giving orders and taking fire.  You could repair, reload, and change weapons on the fly, and if you got blown out of your tank, you could either call one of your friends to pick you up... or use your sniper rifle to take out an enemy pilot and steal his vehicle.  Note that this came out well before Renegade...

The demo is still floating about to this day, as is the community of people playing the full version online (this latter can be had for about US$20; look around).

All of that being said, now, I am wondering how many people would like to see a game like this using E:BfD units...

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Weird, they usually have demo versions on their CDrom's. Good demo's, but still demo's. Unless it's share or freeware, then they do publish the entire game or programm.

They are onder verry strick copyright laws, so they can't give any full versions on the disks.

It might seem a bit childish, but the government is watching. Look at denmark some months ago. The police barging in on a LAN party. I was even supprised that there wasn't a bigger "police presence" at Drome9.

But I'll check my archieves as well, look at what "version" of the game you [ we ] are talking about. :)

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