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Moving into the real world


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So then, pretty much everyone on here knows that I have recently started a full time job after graduating from University.  The job is in an industry that is involved heavily in something that is pretty much booming and both simultaneously pissing people off and keeping people happy - that is, the Oil Industry.  I'm working for a company called FUGRO a Dutch company with offices all over the world.  There is no point in me going into great detail about the company, it isn't really very interesting for the majority of everyone, and if you want to know, then all the information is on their site.  Put it this way, they are big.  Really fucking big, and pretty much the company in their particular industry.

So what am I going to be employed as?  Basically I am a Hydrographic Surveyor (Wikipedia Link although my official title is just Surveyor.  I will doing a few things - positioning of undersea platforms, pipeline inspection, pipe laying, rig moves to name but a few.  It is gonna be ace.

But enough about that, what have I been doing?

Well last week, after a day's induction I headed off for my medical (passed) and my innoculations.  After that, I was sent to a place called Europoort just outside Rotterdam, and is an industrial area the size of a city.  I believe there are over 9000 ports in this particular area.  The reason why I was there was due to a 3 day offshore survival course - including Fire Fighting, Helicopter Evacuation and Water Survival Training.  The great thing about this place (Falck Nutec) was that they were all absolutly nuts, and that they all just wanted us to have fun and encouraged us to take pictures and videos as much as possible, which helped a hell of a lot.

The first day of the training was the survival training.  This involved us getting kitted up in survival suits, donning a life vest and jumping into a swimming pool with a simulated swell of 2m, heavy wins, and simulated rain.  We were then given instructions on what to do.  Swimming using the least conservative energy possible, creating safety circles and huddles, and climbing into survival craft.  Unfortunatly, I do not have any pictures of me actually doing any of this (as I was in the water at the time) nor videos, but there are pictures of another group doing something similar.

These pictures are taking in the small dock where the centre is, not in the pool.


Survival Circle


A crocodile.  The purpose of this is so the group stays together and conserves as much energy as possible.

That was the end of day one.  After that, headed back to the hotel (Hotel De Beer) where out of one window I had a very busy water passage with barges.


And the other side was a busy motorway and a very busy freight train line.  But that was fine, seeing as the hotel and all my food was paid for :D.  Oh, while I remember, from Schipol Airport in Amsterdam to Hotel De Beer was a

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So where are you working permanently? Are you in Rotterdam or up in Scotland? Well looks great be sure to keep us posted when you have time and don't let all the power and wealth go to your head ;)

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At the moment I am in Leidschiendam just outside Den Haag doing training.  I will not be living here permanently, just for the training.  Although my office is here in Holland I will mainly be working off shore.

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Looks cool! "Hydrographic Surveor". Watching for submarines there to torpedo offshore bases! Congrats! I'm coming with my ducky!!

It really looks great. I just wonder what studies you got to do and what's the typical pay (curiosity). Wish you great fun there :D

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Just one question, you went to Rotterdam without telling ;) Next time say 'hi' when you near the Swan. It's about two blocks from my home. .

If you liked the carnaval be sure to come back for the race. A brief YouTube overview. It's basically what they do in Spain with bulls. . we do it with F1 cars. ..

Good luck on your new job and hope you enjoy The Netherlands during your stay.

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