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New Dune movie!!!!!!

spice addict

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y cant we have the other books now made into movies???? we have two versions of dune(which i throughly enjoyed both) and children of dune that worked out quite well i think. atleast they had more time in which to tell the story. i really dont mind have 5+ hrs of movie if its told as well as children had been.

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Probably because the next movie to make is God Emperor...and that's going to be a real beach. (Lots of sand. Get it?) At least in the beginning.

The other thing is that not everybody likes the efforts to date. So they want to see someone try again.

And of course there's the fact that US law now requires that 75% of all "new" movies made in Hollywood be remakes of old or foreign movies or TV shows/cartoons or new film adaptations of comic books and computer games and toys.

I personally cannot wait to see Peter Berg's "more muscular" adventure-story take on Dune.

(I think the interview in which he said that was done soon after he'd watched "300". So look for the Fremen to be running around in loincloths and Harkonnens to look mostly like orcs or ballrags out of LotR!  ::) )

(I saw "The Kingdom" the other night on TV. Great action flick. Bloody bloody it was. Loved it. Also saw "Hancock" on the plane back to Japan. Bloody awful. Complete rubbish, actually. Only saving grace was Charlize. Mmmm...gods, I could eat that woman alive. ;D )

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