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  1. ***Spoilers****i think i should mention that a considerable time had passed between the buterlian jihad and paul becoming emperor so really the only ones that might know what really happened would have been the bene gesserit and they wouldnt be talking about it. seeing as they used machines for their breeding. also im not done yet but i hope they finish up the bit about omnious escaping during the final battle on secondus.
  2. y cant we have the other books now made into movies???? we have two versions of dune(which i throughly enjoyed both) and children of dune that worked out quite well i think. atleast they had more time in which to tell the story. i really dont mind have 5+ hrs of movie if its told as well as children had been.
  3. ok from what i remember ill double check tomorrow, the game was only a few months from releasing. at the very least it was right about the end when they went bankrupt. now in that fallout someone has to have gotten the rights to the game, all the copies, etc had to go somewhere. does anyone have any idea who has any of it yet? or any possible leads i can start to work on to track it down. like where the info for that bankruptcy is? any help is greatly appreciated. ty
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