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  1. Oh my bad since I am new and all the topics appear as new so for now it is a bit hard finding what thread is which. Thanks for the welcome guys first active topic sine I posted in the SS RP. :P
  2. Josh Zetumer is planning on making a new Dune movie adaptation of the book. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/news/e3ib5821482a13c514f039d71f904034881
  3. Sorry guys I know this is an ancient thread but its depressing to see nothing done with it. I actually have made several mechinema movies so I would be happy to help in any way I can.
  4. OOC Hey guys new to the forum but am a huge Dune fan. I have only just finished the first book but I have googled enough to create a library. Dune also being the building blocks to so many other SI Fi series meant that my encyclopedic knowledge of Warhammer 40,000 was deeply influenced by Dune. So ya hope its not to late to join up. Done plenty of other RPs so I think I will be fine. Name:Corvus Gerhardt Height: 6' 3'' Build:Well in shape Hair Colour:brown Hairstyle:Short millitery Eye Colour:brown (Former) Allegiance: House Reak, Reaken Helldivers (My own fan fic house.) Background:Corvus a Major in the Reaken Helldivers. The Elite ordo militant of house Reak. During a period of shore-leave Corvus got in a fight with a Sardaukar squad who were harassing the locals. The animals had the decency to only have one fight him. Things got nasty when the fight started to go Corvus' way and the sardaukar puled a stunner. Being away from his house he had new safety net and as a result was dumped on S.S Corvus opened his eyes and realized he was some were out side near a large rock. his body ached from that brute and there was another sharper stinging in his chest from a...a stunner. that was it. Damn it those bastard sardaukar! He slowly got up and with grim realization discovered were he was. salusa secundus. Where else would they have taken me. There was something clanking at his side. A canteen and something else. He dug into his pocket. It was his combat knife. That was surprising. maybe it showed they had some respect after the fight. Or maybe they just want me to be lulled into a false sense of security and then watch me die. Either way he had better start moving. He could see a rock outcropping perhaps a cave. He knew better then to linger on a death world and staying low and hugging any cover he could find began to jog towards it.
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