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Calender of Important Dune Dates


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Today I ahd another one of my hairbrained schemes regarding FED2k.

I think we should start a calender.

A simple enough thing, it would list everything we can think to add to it, from the anniversary of the release dates of various books, to the anticipated release date of the future feature film and novels and important dates in the fictional Duniverse (a combination of This day in history, this day in the present, and this day in the future).

Does SMF have a calendar feature?  Such a thing, posting into the news page automatically each day, would be excellent.  If not, I'm sure the wiki is possible to be updated with such a caldendar, as wikipedia itself has one.

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Re-release of GEoD audiobook: 27th May 2008

Re-release of Heretics audiobook: October 2008

UK release of Sandworms: 6th September 2007

New hardcover edition of Dune Messiah with an introduction by Brian Herbert by Ace Hardcover: 5th February 2008

Paul of Dune: 16th September 2008

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Did you read his blahg about it, too.

It was so sweet, I almost cried, you know?

They're such great friends. And that's so hard to find these days when you pass a certain age, you know? Friends with benefits I mean. Kevin really lucked out. :D

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It annoys me that he can't be @*#$ing bothered to stick to Dune-related content on something called the "Dune Blog" on the official site.

It annoys me more that a non-Herbert is the main source of Dune news.

You do know, of course, that Kevin's uncle, Mike Anderson, is the one who manages the website, and that Kevin's wife, Rebecca, was listed as the official administrative contact for it.

Next time you visit their site, click View Source (or whatever it is for your browser) and look at the list of site keywords in the meta-tags at the top:

<b>Dune, Bene Gesserit, Atreides, Corrino, sandworm, melange, spice, Harkonnen, Mentat, Muad'dib, Kevin Anderson, Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Herbert, Frank Herbert, prequel, WordFire, science fiction, sci-fi, Duncan Idaho, Gurney Halleck, Sisterhood, Heighliner, Navigator</b>

Kevin's name appears twice and before either Brian's or Frank's. And why is there a reference to Kevin's Wordfire site in there?

The Herberts are really a fairly lame bunch, when you think about it.

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