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Salusa Secundus Survivor


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The harsh wind pounds against your face, waking you up...still drowsy, you try to remember where you are...there is nothing but desolation in every direction you look, except for a few other men, who look in no better condition than yourself. 

Ah yes, it is coming back to you now.  You are on Salusa Secundus, the Emperor's prison planet, for you have attracted his displeasure.  The sedatives start to wear off, but you still don't remember why exactly you are here, but for now, your goal is survival.


In this RP, you have been stranded on Salusa Secundus, and you and your fellow survivors (fellow RPers) must defend against Sardaukar, other gangs of survivors, and the elements.  Fill out these details before you join, so everyone has a good idea what your character is like:




Hair Colour:


Eye Colour:

(Former) Allegiance:



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Excellent! :)

Name: Dievs Perkonis

Height: 188 cm

Build: Medium-set, average in muscle and fat proportions.

Hair Colour: Dark brown

Hairstyle: Long short hair(if that makes sense)

Eye Colour: Mahogany

Allegiance: Ix

Background: I'll save that for later, will reveal it during the first few posts of the RP rather than put it all here.

Dievs groaned, and instinctively turned his face away from the direction of the wind. His mouth was dry and full of gritty sand and dust. Immediately his gag reflex took over and he started spitting and coughing. After several minutes of this, he got up and looked around. Dievs felt woozy and his head throbbed from the sedatives and dehydration, and he had trouble maintaining his balance. Looking around, he saw several more men lying around in the sand not far from him. Stumbling over to the nearest one in his clunky, uncomfortable prison boots, Dievs shook him awake. The stranger raised a hand to shield his eyes and face from the sun and the wind, and groaned. Helping him up, Dievs stuck out his hand and introduced himself.

"I am Dievs Perkonis, of Ix. Or formerly of it. Quite a predicament we have ourselves in. Who are you?"

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Name: Kitto Penrose

Height: 6" (180cm)

Build: Average

Hair Colour: Black

Hairstyle: Wavy

Eye Colour: Grey-Brown

Allegiance: allegedly a smuggler

Background: Captured on Buzzell, attempting to steal a large amount of Soostones on their way to the Imperial Palace on Kaitan.  After besting 5 Sardaukar, he was stunned, and sent to the prison planet, in the hope he might become that which he had killed.

Kitto awoke from the daze, still feeling bruised and injured.  What the hell is going on?  How did I get here?  Taking the man's hand in a firm clasp, Kitto spat out a mouthful of dust, and responded to the well mannered Ixian.  "I'm Kitto, one of the Emperor's closest friends, glad to meet you."  The grin on his face gave away any pretence of seriousness, as the situation dawned upon him.  Salusa Secundus?  It must be!  Of all the hell-holes in the Imperium, this is one I'd never wanted to visit.

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A close friend of the Emperor dumped onto Salusa Secundus? It didn't seem too likely. Either he did something quite unacceptable to the Emperor, or he was lying. No matter, they would all be dead soon if they didn't move to safety, and fast.

Around them, spires of rock and outcroppings rose out of the sand and dust. The wind had died down a bit, and now the sun beat down fiercely on their backs. Dievs looked around, and turned back to Kitto.

"I think there is no need to say that if we don't find shelter, and fast at that, we won't last long out here."

"No doubt," Kitto said solemnly and nodded.

"I couldn't help but notice that each of us has been endowed with a flask of what I presume is water and another item, which looks to be unique for each of us," Dievs said, motioning with his hand towards a flask and small holo-pad attached to his hip. Unclipping it, Dievs turned it on. A small, rotating holograph of Salusa Secundus popped up.

"A small red dot presumably marks our current location," he said, and turned it off, clipping it back on his belt. "It makes sense that they should give us at least some survival tools - it is a prison planet, after all, not a death sentence. It also makes sense to assume that the items have been chosen in regards to our former professions or skills. I was an Ixian cartographer, so I have been given a holopad. Who were you, and what did they give you?" he asked, motioning towards Kitto's belt.

OOC: If we don't get some more participants soon, I have a feeling we're going to have to leave the rest of the prisoners and depart on our own, Newt. After all, we can only stand around and talk about each character's past and the predicament they're in now for so long. ;D

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Searching in the small belt pocket, he found a small shiny gem.  "A small Soostone?  How ironic!  I didn't expect any sympathy from those dogs."  He thought about throwing it away, but then thought better of it.  Although the Soostone had little value being of such a small size, he decided to keep it, wondering if it would come in use.

Dievs looked puzzled.  "Why have they given you one of those?"

"I was...liberating a large shipload of these on Buzzell, however the Emperor's henchmen decided to stop me.  Next thing I know, I'm here.  Anyway, I don't think heading towards any Imperial settlements will be the best option."

"What other choice do we have?"

"Smugglers...they're out best bet.  Since they moved to Kaitan, the Emperors stopped taking such an interest in who was coming and going all over this planet, and from what I've heard, there are some Smuggler settlements around.  The Corrinos aren't the only ones who recruit here."  Damn Corrinos!  The first thing we need is some food and drink.  Is this Ixian up for such an arduous experience?  He seems...  Realising that he really didn't know much about Dievs, he decided to ask the only obvious question.  "What's brought you to the Imperial Holiday Camp then?"

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Dievs' Ixian mind processed the information.

So he was stealing Soostones and he knows of Smuggler settlements on this pit of a planet... Almost certainly a Smuggler himself.

"Well, I suspect it's because of something I did," Dievs said dryly, but then added, "I can't say that I'm the most law-abiding of people. My memory is still rather muddied from the sedatives, but I am quite sure I have been banished here because of that incident with the Heighliner..."

And he recounted the story of how he had obtained the plans for a Guild Heighliner transporting melange, picked out the most likely spot where it would be stored, and sold the information to a group of pirates, who had then attempted to relieve the Guild of their precious cargo, had been duly captured, interrogated, and then executed, but not before one of them had given up Dievs' identity.

Yes, that was probably it. Stupid, stupid me! I should have covered my tracks and identity better. Oh well, nothing to do about it now.

He had also noticed the doubt in Kitto's eyes, and guessed correctly that it was about his ability to withstand this ordeal.

"Don't worry - I'm not going to be a burden to you. Before I returned to civilian life, I was a soldier on Ix. True, the environment there was quite different from this one, but I believe I'll cope." Kitto looked visibly relieved, and Dievs turned to the other men, some of whom were stirring. "I think we should try to get our comrades-in-exile awake and moving no?" he asked rhetorically, and walked over to the closest one...

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Turning round, Kitto saw several other bodies lying around.  All of them were conscious, although still heavily sedated. He attempted to awaken the nearest one to him, but with little affect.  "This one's going to be out for a while, poor fellow.  Say, you chose to steal from the Guild?  Now that's daring.  They could have left you stranded anywhere...although I suppose this is one of the last places you would want to be anyway.  If you make it out of here, will you go straight back to Ix?  Would the Earl of Vernius even let you back in, seeing as you stole Ixian designs?  I myself honestly don't know where I shall go.  Yes, shall, we will get out of this place, don't you worry."

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Okay, I'll bite.  If I may, however, I'd like to put a slight spin on things.

Name: Ferrix Dartmoor

Height: 6'2"

Build: Medium

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Hairstyle: Very short

Eye Colour: Brown

Allegiance: Sardaukar, formerly House DeLuna

Background: Security adviser and confidante of Duchess-Elect Kalyn II of House DeLuna; commandant of all military forces on the DeLuna feif-planet Wolfram until the Dutchess-Elect's assassination.  Ferrix was exiled to S.S. by the corrupt Duke-Elect that replaced Kalyn II.


"Five-two-three-oh-four.  Party Two evaluated.  No score.  Moving to Camp Three immediately."

Ferrix Dartmoor removed the distrans tube from the cielago's ear, and took out his canteen.  Filling his palm with blood-warm water, he let the creature drink, then sent it on it's way.

These things can survive anywhere.  And so can I.  That's what his men had jokingly called him back on Wolfram:  The Iron Cielago.  He had proven he could survive any environment, from the ruststorms of Wolfram, to the political intrigues of the DeLuna homeworld of Seizewell.  Salusa Secundus was just another environment to conquer.

No score.  He bent down and searched the Grumman's body.  He had watched the party struggle for almost a Standard Month, had watched them quarrel in a constant power struggle.  The Grumman was the third leader of this party, after killing his predecessor; the first had died of heatstroke two days after their arrival on S.S..  He had had a very dominant personality, but lacked the capacity for true leadership.  And now he was dead, along with his party.  Torn to shreds by a duo of laza tigers... A after almost a full month, a party of seven should have learned to work together well enough to defend themselves from only two lazas.  It was a miracle they had survived as long as they did.

None of these men had passed the test.  None were worthy of becoming Sardaukar.  He was thankful the Lazas had put them out of their misery.  The planet had graded them; he did not have to dishonour any of them further by doing so himself.

Perhaps Party Three would fare better.  Of the first two, not a single man had proven himself able enough for recruitment into the ranks of the Sardaukar.  Even the lowest ranks of the Padishah Emperor's elite legions were hand-picked by Evaluators like Ferrix.  The entire planet was their boot camp, their proving ground, and eventually, their home.  After all, the Sardaukar were not the most universally feared fighting force in the Known Universe without reason.

The Grumman, like the others, had nothing worth salvaging; it had hardly been worth interrupting the lazas' meal, except for one small thing.  He stepped over the Grumman, to the body of a small, dark-skinned man.  In death, the man's features had relaxed, confirming Ferrix's suspicions.  Face-Dancers becoming Sardaukar.  Hah!  I won't live to see the day.  He stood, aware of the temporarily frightened lazas' impatience to return to their meal, and strode off in the direction of Party Three's camp.

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"Well, yes, I suppose, but that shipment of spice wasn't meant for them, it belonged to some House who, it seems, was influential enough in the court of the Emperor and the Landsraad to get me shipped off here. And I never was one for the drab safety of Ix, it may sound quite banal, but I always have wanted to go on an 'adventure'," Dievs said, chuckling. "Looks like I got it. Anyway, it looks like a few of these men received a much more generous dose of sedatives than we did. I don't want to leave them out in the open like this, but I have no wish to loiter around here and become the midday snack of one of those Salusan tigers," he said, glancing around. "Lets drag them over to that big rock over there - give me a hand, will you?" Together they dragged several men behind a large rock, which cast a cool shadow, protected them from the wind, and would provide just a little bit of safety until they woke up.

Dievs mulled over the thought of relieving them of their unique items, but threw out the idea. He was a person, at worst - a soldier, but he was no killer, which he would almost certainly turn out to be if he took something that would help that man survive. Dievs took out the holopad, enlarging the projection of the planet as large as it would go. He pointed with a pale finger to a red blip in the middle of the wasteland.

"I have no idea how large this planet is, so I have no way of knowing how far we have to go until we reach any sort of civilisation. But," he added quickly, "I think we should go here, to this large mass of stone. I think it would be safe to say that even if there are no humans there, we can find some sort of shelter to rest and decide what we should do and where we should go further. Since there isn't any other mass of stone that large anywhere close to us, I'm willing to bet that we need to go THERE," Dievs said, pointing to hazey, far-off dark patch on the horizon. VERY far off.

"Kitto?" he asked, turning to the smuggler. "What do you think?"

I tried to make the post as fair as possible - any new arrivals can decide whether to join the band that is up and awake or be one of the still-sedated ones.

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Name: Larvin Sundance

Height: 5'4"

Build: Average

Hair Color: Black

Hairstyle: raised in short spikes

Eye Color: brown

Allegiance: Fremen

Background: Captured by a Sardaukar patrol after a failed ambush attempt. Was first tortured before being thrown into Salusa Secundus. The Sardaukar cut off his vocal cords.

Larvin awoke from the pain that came from the back of his head. His mouth longs for water and his muscles are weak, tired, and badly beaten. He dug his hand into his right pocket and took the half-full canteen of water. He drank a few sips then put the canteen back into his pocket, intending to save it for later. He looked around, his eyes squinted from the irritation. The sedatives are slowly wearing off but his mind is still woozy. His limbs burned in agony from the numerous torture devices that were used on him by the inhumane Sardaukar.

He saw two men talking, one with a dark-brown hair and a medium set body and the other a man with wavy hair and body similar to his. He overheard them talking about escaping this god-forsaken place.

Larvin repeatedly tapped the rock in which he and the other still unconscious men were dragged by these two, hoping to get the attention of the two men. If only he could speak he would've called these two men, but after the agonizing torture session hours ago, his power of speech was taken away from him, permanently.

Larvin's mouth formed letters as he tapped the rock, "H-E-L-P."

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OOC - Yes, that's fine, it will all be pretty simple.

"I'm following you, so lead the way!"  Kitto was readying himself for the long journey, when he noticed one of the other men moving, slowly, but definitely moving.  He motioned to Dievs to follow him as he rushed over to the man.  This man was short, with the blue within blue eyes that suggested a spice addiction.  "Good heavens, are you okay man?"  Kitto seemed nervous...If I didn't know any better, I'd say this man was a Fremen.  I've heard rumours about how vicious these people can be, it will be best to keep our distance, although he doesn't appear in any condition to fight.  The man continued to mouth words, seemingly in agony.  "Dievs, I think those dogs have cut out his vocal cords, is that right my friend?"  The shorter man nodded his head in agreement, still writhing in agony. 

"Poor fellow.  Hello there, I'm Dievs of Ix, check your belt pocket, it seems our mutual friends have left us each an ironic gift."

As the desert man checked his belt pocket, Kitto also introduced himself.  "I am Kitto, and  you are on Salusa Secundus, the Emperor's prison planet.  We're the first three to awaken..."  He stopped as the man on the floor pulled out a rudimentary notepad; a piece of chalk, and a slate. "...excellent..."  Hmm given that man's condition perhaps that was too much of a positive. "...well better than nothing.  What is your name?"  With a shaking hand, the man scribbled out L...A...R...V...I...N.

"Well Larvin, we are soon to make a move unless these others awaken soon, and you are free to join us if you wish, what do you?  Dievs, how long do you think it will take us to get to those rocks?  I think it might be good idea to go through some of these loose rocks, and fashion ourselves a weapon.  Laza-Tigers, Salusan Bulls, Sardaukar, who knows what else lies in wait for us here."

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Larvin couldn't believe that he was on Salusa Secundus. He thought that he was just thrown in the middle of nowhere in Arrakis, but on the Emperor's hell hole...

Larvin checked his belt pocket for more items. He found a small dagger and a couple of needles. He extended his arm towards Dievs while motioning his head to "help me get up." Dievs grabbed Larvin's arm and helped him stand. Larvin's legs burned as they supported his weight.

Larvin took the chalk and the notepad from the floor, scribbled a few words,then handed it to Kitto. It read "Yes I want to come with you."

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"Excellent news!"

"It will take us at least 3 hours to get there, possibly four hours, depending on how our new friend's legs feel."

Yes, he looks badly bruised, we could leave him behind, but we must retain some vestige of humanity, even here.  "So Larvin, what is your story?  What brought you here?"  As the mute scribbled down his response, he could see that the harsh midday heat was beginning to subside, the ideal time to move, as it was a bearable temperature, and moving at night will be difficult on this planet in these conditions. 

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Larvin scribbled his story, "Me and my fellow Fremen, about six of us, are about to ambush a Sardaukar patrol for their weapons when suddenly one of my fellow Fremen stood and called the attention of the Sardaukar. A few days before the incident the Emperor has proclaimed that all who declare hostility towards him or his men will be punished, and those who could point out the hostiles will be handsomely rewarded. The Sardaukar killed my companions except for me and the traitor. They dragged me towards their transport while their commander gave the traitor a small object, I don't know what it was. One of the Sardaukar sprayed knockout gas on my face, and I awoke later chained in the walls of a dark torture chamber. I kept cursing and mocking the inquisitor but he cut off my vocal cords with a pair of rusty scissors. He then proceeded to beat me with a shock club, a spike-studded club, and a drug which burns my veins in pain. Then again I lost consciousness. Then I regained it here."

Larvin breathed in relief and massaged his right hand after writing his story. He looked at Kitto and made several hand gestures, "My legs are a bit rubbery but should do good for walking."

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"Take comfort in the knowledge that you're alive, whilst your traitor will surely be dead.  Our beloved Emperor never keeps his word."  He could barely conceal the absolute hate in his words.  He wasn't sure why he was hiding his feelings, perhaps because a level head was what was needed right now.  Searching through the loose rocks, Kitto had selected a few of the sharpest ones, and was looking around before more.  "Dievs, Larvin, we're going to have to arm ourselves for protection against whatever this planet throws against us.  They're not much, but I'm sure we can fashion these rocks into some kind of weapon.  A slingshot perhaps, or if we can find something to tie it to, a club."

Smiling, Dievs added, "If all else fails, we can always just throw them."

"Exactly.  Anyway, if no-one else wakes up soon, we should make a move, because the time is right.  Does anyone disagree?"

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"I see no reason to disagree," Dievs said. "But first, we must act on your suggestion."

With that, he picked up a rock and flung it against another, where it cracked into several pieces and fell into the sand. Dievs stooped and picked up a piece that had a jagged, sharp edge.

"As fas as I'm concerned, I have my weapon. I don't think that we'll have any use in trying to fasten a real weapon out of it, as that'll take only precious time. I don't want to get caught in the icy temperatures of a Salusan night. Let's set out, shall we?" With that, Kitto and Larvin fashioned a weapon for themselves, each for their own liking, and the trio set out across the wastes of Salusa Secundus, a bloody sun beating down less and less intensely upon their backs with each passing moment, day turning into night...

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Larvin grabbed one of the sharp rocks and studied the crude weapon. He saw that the rock is studded with several small holes, small enough for his needles to fit in. He lodged needles into the small holes then tapped Kitto on the shoulder, gesturing at the improvised club and handed him a couple of needles. The needles were given to him by a friend in the sietch, for they use the small sharp objects as ammunition for their "needle pistols." Too bad Larvin's needle pistol was confiscated by the brute in the torture chamber.

As the trio walked, Larvin tapped Dievs on his shoulder then asked, "Can you tell me something about this hell hole?"

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On his back, Kitto was carrying another one of the survivors (OOC: Khan) who had been muttering in his sleep.  Not wanting to leave him to his possible death, Kitto had decided to carry him across to the rocky outcropping in the distance.  Damn this man feels so heavy, he better be greatful for this!  "From a distance, you can make out a few 'thopters on patrol, none round this area, but I'm sure they will try to keep an eye on us.  It is imperative we stay out of their vision, make them believe we are dead, so that we stand a chance of escaping."  Turning to Larvin, he recounted the story of the renegade House who had nuked Salusa Secundus, and how it become the Emperor's prison planet.

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"And that's all about there is to it. It is not too different from Arrakis, save for the fact that there are no worms or spice. And it is more of a wasteland than a desert - not quite so barren, but equally as harsh. Speaking of spice - you look quite dependent on the stuff. How do you expect to cope with the withdrawals?" Then his eyes flicked back and forth to a dark figure some distance away, hidden among the rocks. Almost impossible to see, but Dievs had a technologically enhanced eye, a souvenir from a mishap on Ix. In a lower voice, he muttered, "It seems we have a watcher. Over there, by that large pile of rocks. Oh, and it would be quite nice if you could not look at him too conspicuously, we don't want to alert him to the fact that we know he's here," he added as an afterthought. "Sardaukar, most likely."

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Larvin pointed to a small vial full of brown liquid strapped on his belt. He gestured, "New innovation unique only in my sietch ( ;D). A drop from this liquid aids me from my withdrawal process. This liquid also prevents any lethal side-effects obtained from spice withdrawal."

Larvin turned towards the direction Dievs was looking at, but couldn't see anything but rocks. His heart pounded, anticipating for action even though his body still roared in pain. He held his club tight as he followed the two.

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